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D) particular

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E) total


23. The new marketing policy of the company ... to be less effective than the old one.


A) proved

B) likely

C) unlike

D) appeared


24. Choose the right variant preposition:

Who else was … the meeting on Monday?

A) on.

B) into.

C) be to.

D) at.

E) in.


25. Market supply is calculated in terms of the alternative quantities of a commodity all producers in a ... market can offer.


A) particular

B) free

C) same

D) some

E) total


26. Choose the right variant of Article.

… man called while you were out.

A) A

B) The.

C) -

D) An.

E) Any.


27. ... free market economies, all resources are entirely allocated through markets there.


A) such as

B) as to

C) as well

D) as

E) as well as


28. Choose the right variant of modal verb:

In football, you … not touch the ball with your hands.

A) must.

B) had to.

C) ought.

D) should not.

E) can’t


29. The ... price paid turned out to be higher than the advertised one because of taxes.


A) net

B) actual

C) deferred

D) expensive

E) assumed


30. Choose the right variant of the verb.

Nobody (to expect) that the expedition (to be found)

A) expects /had found.

B) expect / would find.

C) is expected / will find.

D) expected / would be found.

E) expected / will be found.


31. ... accounting data are comparative, managers will not be able to use them for proper managerial decision making.


A) when

B) provided

C) until

D) unless

E) if



32. Complete the sentence:

There is somebody walking behind us. I think … .

A) we are being followed.

B) we are following.

C) we are be follow

D) we are being following.

E) we being followed.


33. At the annual meeting shareholders can vote to ... a new company director.


A) hire

B) fire

C) promote

D) sack

E) employ


34. Choose the right variant of the verb in passive voice.

A great number of schools … in our country every year.

A) are built.

B) will be built.

C) were built.

D) are building.

E) built.


35. A company working efficiently pays higher ..... to its employees than it’s competitors.


A) fees

B) wages

C) dividends

D) salaries

E) payments


36. Even if some assets were .... from business, the company would be clear of debt.


A) taken back

B) withdrawn

C) withdrew

D) took back

E) returned


37. The number of ... handled through the Internet is constantly increasing throughout the world.


A) Deliveries

B) flows

C) sales

D) transactions

E) trade


38. Complete the sentence:

If you use pictures and slides your report will be … .

A) the most interesting.

B) interesting.

C) most interesting.

D) more interesting.

E) interestinger.


39. Different specialists can ... in creating the original company trademark.


A) concentrate

B) agree

C) participant

D) be involved

E) be attracted


40. Choose the right variant of translation.

I’m not going to stay here any longer.

A) Я сюда больше не приду.

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