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Fill in the articles where necessary:


1. It was eleven o'clock. Annette was still in _ bed.

2. Stefan,who had been sitting on the edge of _ bed, came near to her and smiled for

_ first time.

3. Maycomb was _ old town.

4. Dolores said nothing all _ way to _ town.

5. _ prison where Little Dorrit was born was called "The Marshalsea".

6. After leaving _ school, I became clerk to her father.

7. He is in _ hospital with _ couple of _ ribs and _ shoulder crackled.

8. They had _ hospital in _ town during _ war.

9. St. Peter's is _ church often chosen by _ fashionable people for _ funerals and

_ weddings.

10. "Do you go to _ church?" "Occasionally."

11. I'll drive you to _ town this morning.

12. I walked with him through _ town.

13. I'm afraid you can't see Father today; he's out of _ town.

14. He told with _ perfect truth... how he had in time been released from _ prison.

15. My son went to _ school at the age of 7.

16. _ doctor shrugged his shoulders and sat down beside _ bed.

17. This talk went on throughout _ drive back to _ college.

18. We decided to spend _ summer in _ seaside town.

19. There was _ bed and a small table in _ room.

20. My mother is in _ hospital.



Translate into English:


1. Я знал, что он очень болен. Поэтому я тихонько пододвинул стул к кровати и сел.

2. Он рано лег спать.

3. Я провел все лето в городе.

4. Жена пошла в школу, чтобы поговорить с учительницей о сыне.

5. Моя мама лежит в больнице.

6. Мы провели несколько дней в маленьком городке на Кавказе..

7. "Берти," – сказала она моему отцу, - "сегодня утром я пойду в церковь".

8. Он провел в больнице несколько недель и вернулся в еще более мрачном настроении.

9. О'Генри был обвинен в краже и, хотя он был невиновен, его посадили в тюрьму.



Fill in the articles where necessary:


1. He said he had letters to write and if I would allow him, would remain in his room

till _ dinner was ready.

2. Come and have _ tea on _ deck.

3. They had _ supper in _ silence.

4. _ lunch was ready and we went in.

5. I'm sorry I can't offer you _ dinner.

6. I want you to have _ nice breakfast.

7. _ tea came in almost at once.

8. _ tea tasted of _ straw.

9. But _ hot bath and _ good dinner fixed him up.

10. She made _ long telephone call from lobby and ate _ quick lunch.

11. "Revil is coming to _ dinner", she added.

12. He was afraid he would be late for _ lunch.

13. _ lunch was finished and soon I left.

14. He was giving _ big lunch on _ following day and at _ end of _ week _ grand


15. _ dinner was very sound.

16. She began to dress for _ dinner to which she had been invited.

17. I shall be glad to see you at _ lunch at half past one.

18. We kept silent at _ tea.

19. We'll talk about it before _ dinner.

20. He was greedily eating _ breakfast his mother had given him.



Translate into English:


1. Мы позавтракали в восемь часов.

2. Завтрак состоял из хлеба с маслом, сыра и кофе.

3. Не опаздывайте к обеду.

4. Обед еще не готов.

5. Наши знакомые пригласили нас на обед.

6. Он съел легкий завтрак.

7. "Оставайся пить чай," – сказал он.

8. Обед кончился.

9. Были разосланы приглашения на обед для 16 человек.

10. Ради меня она намеревалась устроить великолепный ужин.

11. Она беспрестанно курила после окончания ужина.



Fill in the articles where necessary




Breakfast in a British hotel is a large meal. It usually begins with a choice of fruit juice, porridge or cereal. Then comes the main course with a choice of bacon and egg, bacon and sausage, poached egg, boiled egg, scrambled egg, or fish. Finally there is toast and marmalade. You may choose tea or coffee to drink, though in cheaper hotels you may be offered only tea. In more expensive hotels there is more choice at each stage.

Lunch in a simple hotel begins with soup, though in a more expensive one you usually have a choice of soup, fruit juice, or hors d'oeuvres. For the main course there are three main choices: cold meat and salad, fish, or roast meat and two vegetables. Then there is a choice of sweets, such as hot apple tart, hot milk pudding, cold fruit salad, or ice-cream. If you wish to finish the meal with coffee, you must pay for it as an extra.

At about five o'clock there is a very light meal called tea. This consists of a cup of tea and a cake.

In England "everything stops for tea". In the train you are sure of being able to get it , in the car you carry it in a flask. Even at theatre and cinema matinees, during the interval, usherettes move about carrying trays laden with cups and teapots.

Finally in the city offices, as if by ritual, twice a day, about eleven o'clock and at four - steaming cups of tea.

Dinner in a hotel is very similar to lunch, except that there is usually more choice and it is nearly always dearer. In an expensive hotel there is also often an extra fish course before the main course.




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