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I. The Present Perfect.

  1. Company presentation
  2. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the past simple or past perfect.
  3. Ex.2p.14 Complete these sentences using the correct form (Present Simple or Present Continuous) of the verbs in brackets.
  4. Fill the gaps with the verbs given in brackets in the correct form, Past Simple or Present Perfect
  5. Give an outline of the major points of the text. Write the summary of the text (200-250 words) and present it in class.
  6. Grade the texts according to difficulties they present for Ukrainian-English translation
  7. I. The Present Continuous.
  8. I. (Present Indefinite Tense).
  9. In the same text find the verbs in Present Simple. Recollect the rule for Present Simple of the 3-rd person singular.

1.The Present Perfect expresses an action which began in the past and still continues.

We have livedin the same house for twenty-five years.

Peter has worked as a teacher since 1991.

2.It expresses an experience that happened at some time in ones life. The action is in the past and finished, but the effects of the action are still felt.

I have been to the States.( I still remember.)

Have you ever had an operation? (At any time in your life up to now)

3.It expresses a past action that has a present result. The action is usually in the recent past.

I have lost my wallet. (I havent got it now.)

The taxi hasnt arrived. (Were still waiting for you.)

You can use the Present Perfect with: ever, never, so far, already, yet, etc.


Form: have/has + past participle


Positive-You have seen that film many times.

Negative-You havent seen that film many times.

Question- Have you seen that film many times?

How many times have you seen that film?


Exercise 1. Read the situations and write sentences. Choose one of the following:


arrive break go up grow improve lose

1 Mike is looking for his key. He cant find it. He has lost it.

2 Margaret cant walk and her leg is in plaster. She.

3 Marias English wasnt very good. Now it is much better.

4 Tim didnt have a beard last month. Now he has a beard..

5 This morning I was expecting a letter. Now I have it. ..

6 Last week the bus fare was 80 pence. Now it is 90. .


Exercise 2. Complete the sentences using just, already or yet.

1 After lunch you go to see a friend at her house. She says Would you like something to eat?

You say: No, thank you. Ive just had lunch. (have lunch)

2 Joe goes out. Five minutes later, the phone rings and the caller says Can I speak to Joe?

You say: Im afraid .. . (go out)

3 You are eating in a restaurant. The waiter thinks you have finished and starts to take your plate away. You say: Wait a minute! .. . (not/finish)

4 You are going to a restaurant this evening. You phone to reserve a table. Later your friend says Shall I phone to reserve a table? You say: No,.it. (do)

5 You know that a friend of yours is looking for a job. Perhaps she has been successful. Ask her. You say:..? (find)

6 Ann went to the bank, but a few minutes ago she returned. Somebody asks Is Ann still at the bank? You say: No,.. . (come back)


Exercise 3. You are asking somebody questions about things he or she has done . Make questions from the words in brackets.

1 (ever/ride/horse?) Have you ever ridden a horse?

2 (ever /be/California?)..

3 (ever/run/marathon?)...

4 (ever/speak/famous person?)..

5 (always/live/in this town?).

6 (most beautiful place/ever/visit?)


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