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Контрольная работа № 4.

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Задание 1. Put the verb into the correct form.


1. If we (to sign) this contract two years ago, we (to break) into the global market.

2. If our sponsors (to give) us the money we need, we (can) open the shop in two months.

3. I don’t know if he (to be going to) work in America.

4. We (to be sure to) get into a prison if we (to pay) taxes.

5. I’d better (to take a credit) in a banl than (to ask) my friends to lend me money.



Задание 2. Correct the mistakes if there are any.


1. If he would be free, he would call us.

2. The secretary said that if we waited for several minutes, Mr Jones would be happy to see us.

3. If Tarrance hadn’t been so smart, he would never can become the President of this company.

4. If we took a taxi, we wouldn’t have missed the train. And now we have to change our tickets and pay extra money.

5. If I had been you, I wouldn’t deal with drugs.


Задание 3. Make up sentences.


1. Stepanie / didn’t work hard / would / prosperous / she / become / a / business lady / never.

2. if / partners / first / want / you / to succeed / should / you / find

3. we / much / will / if / the prices / profit / rise / on / oil / this month / get

4. industry / is / profitable / among / ones / profitable / accomodation / the most

5. product / has been produced / recently / new / a


Задание 4. Translate into English.


Я предлагаю взять кредит в банке и рискнуть. Надо провести исследование рынка и начать новый проект. С одной стороны, нужно быть осторожными, но, с другой стороны, если мы не рискнем, мы потеряем прибыль и не сможем открыть новые магазины. Если бы бизнесмены не рисковали, они бы никогда не смогли получать такой доход.



Задание 5. Текст «Modern life»


‘Avoid a rush-hour’ must be the slogan of large cities the world over. If it is, it’s a slogan no one takes at least notice of. Twice a day, with predictable regularity, the pot boils over. Whenever you look it’s people, people, people. The trains which leave or arrive every few minutes are packed: an endless procession of human sardine tins. The streets are so crowded, there is hardly room to move on the pavement. The queues for buses reach staggering proportions. It takes ages for a bus to get to you because the traffic on the roads has virtually come to a standstill. Even when a bus does at least arrive, it’s so full, it can’t take any more passengers. The smallest unforeseen event can bring about conditions of utter chaos. A power-cut, for instance, an exceptionally heavy snowfall or a minor derailment must always make city-dwellers realize how precarious the balance is. The extraordinary thing is not that people put up with these conditions, but that they actually choose them in preference to anything else.

Large modern cities a too big to control. They impose their own living conditions on the people who inhabit them. City-dwellers are obliged by their environment to adopt a wholly unnatural way of life. They lose touch with the land and the rhythm of nature. It’s possible to live such an air conditioned existence in the large city that you are barely conscious of the seasons. A few flowers in a public park (if you have time to visit it) may remind you whether it’s spring or summer. A few leaves clinging to the pavement may remind you it is autumn. Beyond that, what is going on in nature seems totally irrelevant. Tall buildings blot out the sun, traffic fumes pollute the atmosphere. Even the distinction between day and night is lost. The flow of traffic goes on unceasingly and the noise never stops.

The funny thing about it is that you pay dearly for the ‘priviledge’ of living in a city. The demand for accommodation is so great that it’s often impossible for ordinary people to buy a house of their own. Exorbitant rents must be paid for tiny flats which even country hens would disdain to live in. Accommodation apart, the cost of living is very high. Just about everything you buy is likely to be more expensive than it would be in a country.

In addition to all this, city-dwellers live under constant threat. The crime rate in most cities is very high. Houses are burgled with alarming frequency. Cities breed crime and violence and are full of places you would be afraid to visit at night. If you think about it, they’re not really fit to live in at all. Can anyone really doubt that the country is what man was born for and where he truly belongs?



Задания к тексту:


1. Выберите выражения, не противоречащие тексту:

a) Unforeseen events bring chaos.

b) People lose touch with land and nature.

c) Modern man is too sophisticated for simple country pleasures.

d) It’s enough to visit countryside on weekend.

e) It’s impossible to have a house of your own, rents are high.

f) Noise, traffic, etc. are hardly noticeable: people can easily adapt.

g) Cities don’t fit to live in: man is born for country.

h) Services in big cities are always better: better schools, more amenities.

i) Cities impose their own conditions on people.

j) Cities give more chances of imployment, greater range of jobs, more opportunity to succeed in life.


2. Найдите русские эквиваленты следующих слов и выражений:


Traffic fumes закрывать, заслонять

Accommodation мириться, терпеть

The cost of living непредвиденный

Exorbitant rents выхлопные газы

Totally irrelevant загрязнять

Unforeseen отключение электроэнергии

To put up жилье

To pollute стоимость жизни

Power-cut абсолютно не имеющий значения

To blot out непомерная плата за жилье



3. Переведите письменно абзацы 3 и 4.



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