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III READING Текст №1 Harrods Christmas sale

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Every year on the Monday morning after Christmas, the Harrods annual sale starts. Thousands of people visit the department store in search of quality goods at cheap prices. On the first day of the sale this year, a total of 150,000 people spent some six million pounds. Although Monday looked like chaos, on the following Saturday, 250,000 people spent 12 million pounds.

There is, it seems, always a must-have item and this year the longest queues are for designer bags. Iguchi, a young Japanese visitor, waited for two hours just to buy his girlfriend a handbag. ‘I got a good deal, I only paid 50 per cent of the normal price for this Gucci bag,’ said the happy tourist. ‘Also, when I say that I bought it at the Harrods sale, my girlfriend will be even more pleased – Harrods is very well known in Japan,’ he added.

Harrods first opened in 1849 when Charles Henry Harrod bought and re-named a grocery store on the Brampton Road – where the shop is still located – and the initial sale was held in 1870.


III READING Текст №2 How do you use the Internet?

Quentin: I am doing a school project about sharks. I have found out lots of interesting facts about them. Did you know that they can smell a small drop of blood in water at a distance of 100 meters? The last time I logged on I ordered a book called Sharks in the Caribbean.

William: I am looking for a job and I’ve got an interview next week. So this morning I did some preparation. I searched some websites to find out about the company: what they do and what kind of place they are. It’s good to be prepared.

Eileen: I often go away on business and in the evenings to relax I use an instant message service to contact people I know. It’s great fun. You type your message and wait for the other person to reply. It’s probably not suitable for work because it’s not very private.

Rosanna: Before going away in summer, I like to use search engines to find out about destinations. I check the weather, transportation, hotels, and places to visit and so on. I always organize everything myself because it is much more satisfying.


III READING Текст №3‘I’ve hit a blue Porsche!’

I needed to go to town to buy some clothes for my trip to France. I always take the bus to work because of the traffic but I wasn’t in a hurry so I decided to drive. I phoned an old friend, Susan, and asked her to meet me in a café in a shopping centre at 10 o’clock. I left home at nine o’clock so I thought I had enough time. At ten o’clock, I was sitting in a traffic jam a few minutes from the shopping centre. Nobody was moving. I phoned Susan but she didn’t answer her mobile phone. I decided to park the car and walk the rest of the way. I found a parking space between a red Mazda and a blue Porsche. I wasn’t sure that I could put the car into it but I tried. Unfortunately I hit the blue car. Too late, I realized the space wasn’t big enough. I phoned Susan again. This time she answered. ‘Where are you?’ Susan asked. ‘Delancy Street. I’ve hit a blue Porsche. Do you think I should leave a message? It depends,’ she replied. ‘What’s the number plate of the car?’ I told her the number and she said, ‘No, it isn’t necessary to leave a message.’ ‘Why not?’ I asked. ‘Because, you idiot,’ she replied, ‘it’s my car!’


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