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XIV. Укажите номера предложений, в которых инфинитив переводится на русский язык именем существительным или неопределенной формой глагола.

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1. The infection is to be prevented as soon as possible.

2. The patient was able to make these infusions himself without special training.

5. It was difficult to make the final diagnosis.

6. This medicine is to be taken three times a day before meals.

9. To perform the experiment was difficult, but necessary.

10. The doctor began to examine the patient to make diagnosis.

XV. Укажите номера предложений, в которых использована конструкция “Cложное подлежащее”

3. Pharynx is known to be a muscular tube lined with a mucous membrane.

5. Plasma was shown to reflect different physiological states of the body from one moment to the next.

7. Sea animals seem to store vitamin A to a large extent.

8. The experiment was said to have been over a week ago.

10. The hospital was believed to be one of the best in the city.

13. The drug was believed to be very effective for such cases.

15. This drug is unlikely to be effective under such conditions.

16. The equipment bought turned out to be of the latest design.

17. Mouth and nose were proved to be the main part of entry of pathogenic microorganisms.

20. The virus was shown to enter the body through the alimentary tract by way of mouth.

21. Migraine is often likely to result from prolonged wakefulness and extraordinary effort or by prolonged anxiety.

23. Lungs are known to perform three major functions: respiration, ventilation and filtration.

24. The reaction is likely to be promoted by free oxygen radicals.

25.Cardiovascular diseases are reported to be among those most widely spread among the world population.

XVI. Укажите номера предложений в которых – ing-форма переводится на русский язык именем существительным или неопределенной формой глагола

2. Dust particles may be expelled from the body in coughing and sneezing.

4. The patient's quick recovering was a surprise even for the doctor in charge.

5. Our duty is improving human’s health.

6. Learning new words is necessary to speak foreign language.

9. For examining this patient the doctor in charge invited neurologist.

10. Everybody must realize that smoking is harmful.

14. You can improve your English by reading much.

15. The most difficult task was making the precise diagnosis.

16. The blood takes part in distributing heat within the organism and maintaining a constant body temperature.

18. The doctor changed his idea of using new drugs because of their bad side effects.

19. The best way of treating the patient was surgical operation.

20. The most difficult task at the exam was reading an unknown text.

XVII. Укажите номера предложений в которых –ing-форма переводится на русский язык с помощью слова «будучи» и страдательного причастия.

4. Being completely treated the patient was discharged from the hospital.

5 Being purified the water could be safely used for drinking purposes.

7. The water being polluted was not suitable for drinking.

9. Being asked he always answer all the questions.

10. Being known well for its side effects the drug was used only in extreme cases.

13. Being vaccinated the child didn’t fall ill.

14. Being widely spread the pathology was studied by many scientists.

Раздел II Заполните пропуски:

1. Together with the kidneys, the liver __is_ the detoxifying organ for the body.

2. The data from 173 patients _were_ analyzed last week.

3. Usually this drug _does_ not produce any side-effects.

4. The students _had_ been writing the test for twenty minutes when I came.

5. The patient _had_ no temperature and was disgorged.

6. The nurse _had_ just finished to take the patients’ temperature when the doctor in charge entered the ward.

7. The new patient _is_ being examined now by the doctor on duty.

8. He _does_ not know the answer to this question now.

9. The drug _was_ tested in our laboratory last week.

10. In two days the patient _will be_ discharged from the clinic

11. Anatomy _is_ to study the structure and function of the human body.

12. Two-way nervous conduction _was_ described by Kukhne (1886) and Rabukhin (1887).

13. Medical treatment _has_ been greatly improved in recent years.

14. The experiment performed _did_ not give any new results.

15. The nurse _is_ not filling in a case history now.

16. We _have_ been working over this problem for several years but still we are far from its solution.

17. The examination paper _is_ being checked at the moment.

18. When the doctor _was_ examining a patient he used new equipment.

19. One should _be_ very careful using this drug.

20. At 5 o’clock tomorrow I _will_be listening to the lecture on new chemical pollutants and their effect on human health.

21. Viruses _have_ been studied for the last 20 years.

22. The body _is_ known to have long, short and broad muscles.

23. Every day he _has_ four lessons.

24. All muscles _are_ divided into voluntary and involuntary.

25. This drug _will be_ tested in the clinic within next three month.

26. There _is_ a close relationship between the viruses and bacteria.

27. The patient _had_ all these symptoms yesterday.

28. The body _is_ known to have long, short and broad muscles.

29. Yesterday we _had_ four lessons.

30. I _am_ filling in a case history now.

31. There _are_ more than 400 skeletal muscles in the human body.

32. This drug _will be_ tested in clinic within the next three months.

33. Bacteria _is_ the best known and most studied form of prokaryotic organisms.

34. The doctor _has_ already examined the patient.

35. They _were_ having their English lesson from 9 till 10.30 yesterday.

36. We _have_ three classes every day.

37. Lipids _have_ structural and energetic functions.

38. Each organ _has_ blood vessels.

39. The results_have_ not been tested in the clinic yet.

40. It _was_ Friday yesterday.

41. Irregular bones _are_ not easily categorized by shape

42. This scientist _has_ just returned from the conference

43. She_did_ not work at the hospital before entering the Medical University.

44. The girl _will_ be operated on for gastric ulcer tomorrow.

45. They _do_ not study at the Preventive Medical Faculty.

46. The word cell _was_ introduced by Robert Hooke in 1665 shortly after the invention of the microscope.

47. My friend _did_ not go to visit his relatives last summer

48. There _will_ be a conference in our university next month.

49. They _have_ just had the lecture.

50. How _does_ the air enter and travel in human body?

51. My friend _has_ been learning English for 4 years already.

52. What _is_ the role of bronchioles?

53. My friend_does_ not want to be a surgeon

54. The patient _was_ reading a book when the doctor entered the ward

55. They _have_ finished the construction of the clinic by June

56. The small intestine _is_ the most important absorbing organ of the digestive tract.

57. The nurse _had_ finished her work before the patient was admitted to the clinic

58. The drug _was_ to be tested thoroughly before clinical use.

59. The conference _is_ devoted to the problems of modern medicine.

60. The nurse _has_ been working at this hospital since last year.

61. There _are_ more than 400 skeletal muscles in the human body.

62. The second year students _are_ writing the test now.

63. All cells _have_ the plasma membrane.

64. The doctor in charge _is_ to examine this patient.

65. There _are_ millions of different types of cell.




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