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VI. Употребить одну из форм Indefinite или Continuous.

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  3. Определите, чем являются глагольные формы с окончанием -ed no их функции в предложении - Past Indefinite или Participle II. Переведите предложения.

1. The company (to go) bankrupt last year.

2. The man who (to make) a speech now is an outstanding writer.

3. He usually (to read) before going to bed.

4. We (to graduate) from the University in 5 years.

5. What you (to do) now? – I (to process) a still picture on my computer now.

6. The laboratory (to buy) computer hardware 3 years ago.

7. It is very dark here. I (not/to see) you well.

8. I (to continue) writing a report, as soon as you (to return) me my scientific journal.

9. At this time tomorrow our representative (to sign) an agreement.

10. He (to make) a chemical experiment when the teacher (to enter) the hall.

Контрольная работа№2

Для правильного выполнения заданий контрольной работы №2 необходимо изучить следующие разделы курса английского языка:

1) видовременные формы глагола:

а) Present, Past, Future Perfect;

б) Употребление времен Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect в страдательном залоге;

2) особенности перевода страдательных конструкций на русский язык.

Вариант 1.

I. Употребить Present, Past или Future Perfect.

1. Popov just (to finish) work.

2. When they come the lesson already (to begin).

3. I know this man well. – Since when you (to know) him?

4. He thanked me for what I (to do) for him.

5. I hope it (to stop) raining by 5 o’clock.

6. He entered the University after he (to work) in industry.

7. The delegation (to arrive) by next Friday.

8. I (not to see) this film yet.

9. He never (to play) chess so well before.

10. I cannot give you a definite answer as I (not to discuss) this problem with the director.

II. Поставьте предложения в отрицательную и вопросительную форму.

1. The father has already cleaned his car.

2. The train has just arrived.

3. She will have finished her report by tomorrow morning.

4. The firm had made good profit by the end of the year.

5. Our salaries have increased twice since last year.

III. Открыть скобки и употребить Past Indefinite или Present Perfect.

1. He already (to come).

2. They (to make) a speech at the conference last month.

3. I never (to be) in India.

4. The engineer just (to finish) an experiment.

5. I (to get) a good mark at the exam yesterday.

6. The examination term already (to begin).

7. You (to fulfill) a plan yet?

8. They (to build) a fortress in the 10th century.

9. He (to buy) just flowers for his wife.

IV. Переведите предложение со сказуемым в страдательном залоге и определите форму глагола-сказуемого.

1. What question is being discussed now?

2. He is often laughed at.

3. I was followed by a stranger.

4. This work will have been done by that time.

5. The doctor was sent for 2 hours ago.

6. Everything has been settled.

7. The letters had been typed by the time we came.

8. The climate of Great Britain is influenced by the sea.

9. Films are usually shown at the cinema.

10. His question was answered at once.

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