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A Damaged Telephone Line

Daisy: Hello, this is 22888228.

David: Hello, 1)Daisy This is David.

Daisy: Oh, hi, 2).

David: What did you do yesterday, Daisy? You forgot our 3)., didnt you?

Daisy: Well, it 4).all day, David. and I had a 5)

Cold, so I decided to stay at home.

David: Did you?.....I 6) ..twenty times and 7)


Daisy: Oh, the telephone line was damaged. They repaired it 8) ...

David: Well.. Daisy!!!

Daisy: What, David?

David: Oh! .9)worry about it!.... What did.er.. Donald do yesterday? Did he and Diane go 10)?

Daisy: No, they didnt yesterday. They just stayed at home and 11).. .

David: And what did you do? Did you play cards too?

Daisy: No.. Jordan and I 12).to the radio and erstudied. What did you do yesterday, David?

David: Ive just told you , Daisy. I 13).. to phone you twenty times!


Unit 8 Sounds /k/ /g/

Listen and practise the difference.

could good leak League
cot got pick Pig
coat goat lock Log
cave gave ankle Angle
clue glue crow grow


Listen to the words on the cassette. Write the words you hear.

Listen to the sentences on the cassette. For each one write the word you hear.

One of the cards/guards is missing.

What a beautiful curl/girl!

My cold/gold has gone.

Sarahs glass/class is quite big.

There is no clue/glue.

I could see her back/bag in the crowded train.

He cut through the lock/log.

Listen and practice these sentences. Match each problem with a solution.

Problems My car has broken down. Cats keep coming into my garden. My cousin has broken his leg. Ive broken a glass in the kitchen. Theres a cow in my garden. Ive been beaten by a dog. Ive forgotten Carols address. I cant keep awake. My garden looks a mess.     Solutions Call an ambulance. Cut the grass. Drink a cup of coffee. Call a mechanic. Look it up in the phone book. Get a dog. Pick it up carefully. Go to the doctor. Take a photograph.


Listen to phone messages and fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

Computer, Maggie, postcard, Glasgow, beginning, games, weekend, Portugal, Greece, grass, catch, guess, cut, camp, August, girls, gossip, couple, Carol, garden, Craig.

1. Greg and Carol want to stay for a couple of days at Craig and Maggies house in Glasgow.

2. They are coming to ..at the of

3. is always giggling. She wants to up on all the..

4. The last time they got together, Greg and Craig played while the two went shopping.

5. Carol says I youve gone away for the

6. Craig and Maggie sent a .from., but they are going to go to Greece.

7. While Craig and Maggie are in , Greg and Carol are going to goin their . .

8. Greg says theyll be very grateful and theyll ..the.. .

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