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Verbs give you power

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Learning objectives By the end of the unit you will be able to: · speak on the influence of globalisation on different aspects of life · describe economic performance of multinational companies · speculate on fair trade movement · assess the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation


Investigate the idea of globalisation какпишем?

1. Complete the following chart. Use dictionaries if needed.

Part of Speech Words Meaning Translation
Verb globalise to make a company or a system spread or operate internationally ...
Noun globalisation   …   глобализация
  globalism the idea that event in one country can not be separated from those in another and that government should therefore consider the effects of its action in other countries as well as its own ...
Person globalist ... глобалист
Adjective global   … мировой

2. Read and translate the following word combinations.

Global search, globetrotter, global village, global warming, global plan, global crises, global wealth.


3. Read and translate the sentences.

1) We must take advantages of the increased globalisation of the economy trading business.

2) Anti-globalists say that global companies create unfair competition, reduce consumer choice, and destroy national culture.

3) As economy develops, it will continue to globalise.

4) The President said that technology and his energy plans would help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change.

5) This report gives a global picture of the company’s finances.

6) The firm made it bid to global by taking over a leading American electronic distributor.

7) The globalisation of politics coincided with the use of US political consultants by western democracies.

8) She became something of a globetrotter attending conferences all over the world.

9) As citizens of the global village we can not ignore our obligation to others.

10) Analists predict that government-controlled bonds will own around 10% of global wealth over the next decade.

Verbs give you power

1.Match the following verbs and nouns.

1) enter 2) facilitate 3) witness 4) yield 5) hamper 6) establish 7) initiate 8) lay down a) exchange b) trade c) travel d) economy e) creation f) framework g) recession h) resources

2.Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with the word combinations given above in a proper form.

1) After the World War II the world … …of some international institutions to supervise the process of globalisation.

2) In the 21st century much of the industrialised world … into a deep … .

3) The abolition of obstacle … … between countries may … … for international commerce and finance.

4) One of the advantages of globalisation is that it … … to different places.

5) The Boulogne Convention … … of students between countries.

6) The development of virgin and disused lands … … to the country.

3.Match the following verbs and nouns.

Verb Noun
1) to abuse 2) to exploit 3) to affect 4) to adopt 5) to guarantee 6) to embody 7) to regulate a) ideas b) world c) right d) practice e) labour f) power g) relationship

4. Make up your own sentences with the word combinations given above.

5.Choose the words from the box to complete the sentences. Mind extra words in the box.

standards market communicate identity competition barrier pollution diversity customer

1) The environmental sufferings from … are one of the consequences of globalisation.

2) Each country and the … in each country has different tastes and different spending patterns.

3) Globalisation helps to … easily and quickly on a global base.

4) Proponents of globalization argue that it allows poor countries to raise their … of living.

5) Globalisation reduces trade … and makes trade easier.

6) Opponents of this process claim that it leads to the loss of national ... .

7) Greater international tourism triggers off the access to cultural … .

8) The … between companies all around the world takes place on a single global platform.


6.Match the following adjectives to the nouns (one of the adjectives appears twice).

1) economic 2) global 3) sport 4) civil 5) developing 6) living 7) technological a) standards b) product c) nations d) media e) events f) independence g) liberties h) village


7. Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the words given above in a proper form.

1). More and more often, the term ... … is used to describe the world and its people.

2) Such a … ... as the microchip is the greatest contributor to the global village.

3). Globalisation can lead to economic growth and higher … … .

4) Proponents of globalization say that it has been an absolute boom for … … .

5) Thanks to … … coverage the protestors have been remarkably successful in forming public opinion.

6) Recognition of … … is one of the gains of globalization.

7) People all over the world take part in the same … … as Olympic Games.

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