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Read through the following phrasal verbs and translate the illustrative sentences into Russian.

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bring sth. about to make something happen: Lewis promised to bring about the needed changes.

bring smb./sth. along to take smb. or sth. with you when you go somewhere: You’re welcome to bring along a friend. I’ve brought some pictures along to show you.

bring smb./sth. around 1) to change the subject of a conversation gradually to something new: They keep bringing the conversation/subject around to their son. 2) to make someone become conscious again: I slapped his face a couple of times to try to bring him round.

bring sth. back 1) to start using something again that had been used in the past: Some states have brought back the death penalty. 2) to make smb. remember something: The smell of suntan lotion brought back memories of the summer.

bring smb./sth. down 1) to reduce something to a lower level: The changes have brought costs down. 2) to make something fall or come down: A missile brought the plane down. 3) to force a government, etc. to stop being in control of a country: The latest economic crisis brought down the government.

bring sth. forth fml to make something happen, appear, or become available: No evidence has been brought forth against Mr. Keele.

bring sth. forward 1) to change an arrangement so that something happens sooner: They had to bring the wedding forward because Lynn got a new job. 2) to introduce or suggest a new plan or idea: Many arguments were brought forward supporting the changes.

bring smb./sth. in 1) to ask or persuade someone to become involved in a discussion, help with a problem, etc.: The FBI were brought in to investigate. 2) to earn or produce a particular amount of money: The painting should bring in at least a million dollars. 3) to say officially in the court of law whether someone is guilty or not (SYN. to return a verdict): The jury brought in a verdict of not guilty.

bring sth. off to succeed in doing something that is very difficult: She'll get a promotion if she brings off the deal.

bring sth. onto make something bad or unpleasant happen or begin: Stress can bring on an asthma attack.

bring sth. out 1) to make something become easier to notice, see, taste, etc.: That shirt brings out the green in her eyes. 2) to emphasize someone's best or worst qualities: Becoming a father has brought out the best in Dan. Alcohol just brings out the worst in her. 3) to produce and begin to sell a new product, book, record, etc.: The band is bringing out a new CD in September.

bring smb. together if an event brings a group of people together, it makes them care about each other more: Stuart's death really brought the family together.

bring smb./sth. up1) to start to talk about a particular subject or person: The issue was brought up during the last election. 2) to educate and care for a child until s/he is old enough to be independent: She brought up three children by herself. I was brought up a Catholic/Muslim, etc. 3) to make something appear on a computer screen: He brought up an airplane modeling website.

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