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Electronic Media (The Internet)

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  2. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of the following as media for communicating information. State which you consider to be the most effective.
  3. Electronic Media
  4. F) This is a small square famous for its neon signs, electronic billboards and it is also the centre of theatres and cinemas.
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  7. Mass Media
  8. Mass Media
  9. Mass Media

(A)information technology/IT; to provide wireless high-speed Internet; to connect to the net, to type in the website address, to click (on) the (hyper)link, to access the website, to surf/browse the web; to display/store/transmit a web page, to download/upload videos, music, etc.; a blog, blogging, a vlog (video + blog), a blook (blog +book); to receive frequently updated information via a web/news feed, podcast; augmented reality, cyber-world; to overcome the digital divide (in the access to Information and Communication Technologies) in the information age;


(B)spam, phishing, identity theft, to use tracking cookies as spyware, information privacy, to gain (un)approved access to personal data, to protect confidentiality, to revise ones privacy policy.


1. Mass media is an umbrella term for a number of media technologies and media organizations. Thus, when defining this notion in the most comprehensive way it is essential to point out (1) all the forms of the media and (2) an array of functions performed by the media.

(A)Study the definitions of the notion (mass) media in a number of English Advanced Learners dictionaries. Also search the net for the interpretations of the media given by the two most influential modern scholars in the field of mass communications - Denis McQuail (in his book Communication Models (1983)) and John Thompson (in his study The Media and Modernity (1995).


(B)Use the acquired information to compile your own comprehensive definition of the media, paying particular attention to the visual presentation of the mass media classification into several types. The following criteria may prove to be useful: (1) the medium/channel through which information is transmitted; (2) the area of coverage; (3) the frequency or time of being published; (4) the targeted readership (age groups, educational and social background, etc.); (5) the ownership and/or the political orientation; (6) the price.


The following words may prove to be helpful when getting ready with this task:


print media/the press/printed matter to inform infotainment

broadcast/electronic media to entertain junk food news

digital media/new-age media to educate docudrama

to make money through advertising to propagate infomercial


2.Complete the following sentences with the collocations involving the word media:


coverage pundit correspondent hype

outlet studies blackout



1.In sports commentating, a "media ..." may be partnered with a play-by-play announcer: the latter will describe the action while asking the former for analysis. Alternatively, the former may be asked for their opinions during breaks in the play.

2.The media of the 2003 invasion of Iraq became a source of controversy, as media were accused of bias, reporters were casualties of both Iraqi and American gunfire, and claims of censorship and propaganda became widespread.

3.The most dangerous form of journalism is being amedia covering stories first-hand from a war zone.

4.Themedia ... surrounding this year's winter forecast has been remarkable, unparalleled in my 20 years as a meteorologist. Driven largely by the tabloid press, the idea that this winter could be the worst ever recorded has already become firmly implanted in many peoples' minds.

5.Some examples ofmedia ...would include the censorship of news related to Southern Japan during the droppings of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the lack of news coverage from Iraq during the Persian Gulf War.

6.Leeds University and Leicester University were the first in Great Britain to confer degrees in media ... .


guru circus attention event

empire mogul/tycoon campaign output



1. Phil Cooke, Hollywood filmmaker with a Ph.D. in Theology, is often referred to as a rare individual and a "media " his blog at www.philcooke.com is considered one of the most insightful web resources on issues of faith, culture, and media.

2.Grace Kelly was deeply traumatized by the memory of her media-wedding to Prince Rainier with over 600 guests attending it and all the major European TV channels broadcasting it across Europe.

3.In July 2011, the Australian-American media /...Rupert Murdoch, who managed to enlarge the media he had inherited from his father, faced allegations that his companies, including the News of the World, had been regularly hacking the phones of celebrities, royalty and public citizens.

4.The September 11, 2001 attacks did reach the plateau of a planet-wide media ..., due mostly to the unprecedented real-time visuals, the involvement of citizens and perpetrators from many different countries and cultures.

5.Rather than slapping a banner ad on a site, social media take full advantage of the webs unique properties like interactivity, community-building, and the ability to specialize local offers.

6. The expression 15 minutes of fame, coined in the late 1960s to denote short-lived media to an individual or phenomenon, is still widely used nowadays.

7.You may get familiar with the New York Times staff correspondents complete media on their personal web pages.


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