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C) Give English equivalents of the following words and phrases.

  2. A look through the descriptions of things you can do with music and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold type.
  3. A. Listen to the description of the drilling process and fill in the missing words (no more than THREE words). The first word is given as an example.
  4. A. Read the paragraph below and choose the most appropriate words/ phrases in bold. Where could you read this extract?
  5. Abstract and Keywords
  6. Abstract and Keywords
  7. Abstract and Keywords
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  10. Abstract and Keywords



Mr. and Mrs. Bixby lived in New York. Mr. Bixby was a dentist who made an average income. Once a month, always on Friday afternoons, Mrs. Bixby would visit her old aunt in Baltimore, who was not doing well in life: she . As it turned out, however, the aunt Mrs. Bixby. , Mrs. Bixby spent the greater part of her Baltimore time with an exceedingly wealthy man, known as the Colonel.

Year after year Mrs. Bixby fooled her husband . The pleasant alliance between Mrs. Bixby and Colonel (=continued without a hitch) for eight years.

It was just before Christmas: Mrs. Bixby was waiting for her train to take her back to New York. Suddenly the Colonels groom approached her and pushed a large cardboard box into her hands with the words, The Colonel asked me to give you this. She couldnt wait to see what was in the box. As soon as she was on the train she opened the box and a gorgeous mink coat took her breath away. . She tried it on at once for she was .

In the excitement of finding the mink coat and trying it on she overlooked a vital aspect she couldnt possibly tell her husband that her aunt had given it to her for Christmas. Mrs. Bixby had to be . In a couple of hours she would be in New York. She didnt want to part with the coat, so she . Dont go panicky, she said to herself. and think of a plan.

Two hours later Mrs. Bixby stepped off the train, signaled for a taxi, which took her to a pawnbroker. She pawned her coat and was given a ticket. Ten minutes later she was back home. Her husband was reading his evening paper You are a bit late today, arent you? You know its those dreadful trains. I am dying for a drink. Her husband was an orderly-minded man. He folded his paper into a neat rectangle for he was a man of , placed it on the arm of his chair and made (headed) for the kitchen. It was funny how small and slovenly he looked after the Colonel, who always . My husbands suits are too ridiculous for words. I am eager for him to change the way he dresses.

This Martini is perfect. She opened her handbag and took a handkerchief as if to blow her nose Oh, look!, she cried seeing the ticket. I found it just now on the seat of my taxi. I thought it might be some lottery ticket, so I kept it. She handed it to her husband. He examined it carefully and explained it to her that it was a pawn ticket with the name and address of the shop, so anyone could claim it. , it might be, my dear. Well wait and see. I think Ill pick it up on my way to work.

Monday morning came at last. Mrs. Bixby hadnt slept a wink that night. Supposing they cheat Cyril, she thought to herself. Darling, she said following her husband to the door. me as soon as you get to the office.

An hour later he called her to say that he had redeemed the thing. He refused to tell her what it was and promised to bring it in the evening. But she couldnt wait that long. She rushed to the office at lunchtime. Her husband gave her a small box in which she found a small mink necklace and congratulated her on such a good find. Mrs. Bixby she was pleased, but deep down she . I am going to kill that pawnbroker.

On leaving the office she her husbands secretary assistant, who was going out for lunch. Her face .Isnt it a gorgeous day!, she said looking like a queen in the beautiful mink coat that the Colonel had given to Mrs. Bixby. She returned home in a mood. She but she had . !

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