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Renting a Flat.

  1. My flat.

A young engineer is talking about how he had to rent a house. Read this story and put each of the following words or phrases in its correct position. Talk about your experience in renting a flat.


deposit fee flat advertisements self-contained landlord rent block references accommodation agency

a) The first thing I had to do in London was to find somewhere to live, if possible a small, one-bedroomed (a)________. I didnt want to share a kitchen or toilet; I wanted to be independent in my own (b)________ place. I decided I could pay a (c)________ of ₤50 a week. I couldnt find what

I wanted in the newspaper (d)________ so I went to an (e)________. They offered me a nice place.

It was in a modern (f)________ on the third floor. I had to pay the agency a (g)________, and

the (h)________ wanted a big (i)________ and (j)________ from my employer and bank manager.


16. Work in pairs. You are looking for a new flat to rent. Restore the dialogues. Use the word combinations and sentences from the box given bellow.

1) A: Good morning! May I help you?

B: ..

A: And what kind of place are you looking for?

B: Well, we have two young children, so wed like a place thats

A: I see. Well, we have a very nice three-bedroom house that is located in a nice area.


2) A: Then go and see my room. There are all necessary pieces of furniture in it. The room overlooks the park.

B: Your room is really nice and comfortable. But what about bed linen and would you allow to use the refrigerator?

A: Yes..

B: It isnt bad indeed. When can we move in?

A: ..The room is ready.


3) A: I was told that you have an apartment to let.

B: Yes, I have .

A: How many bedrooms are there?

B: ..

A:How much is the rent? What are your terms?

B:89 dollars a week,

A:What aboutother services?

B:They are..

A:Do you think I could have a look at the apartment, please?

B:Yes, sure, but.

A:Well, Id like to see the kitchen then, only to make sure, that it is equipped to cook.

B:This way, please. As you see, it has

A:And where is a bathroom?

B:Here it is. You can put a washing machine here, there is enough room for it.


Any time you like. a spare apartment for rent including laundry I hope so. Im looking for a place to rent. to be paid monthly it is a mess now, I am afraid A bath-tub and a shower. That is included in the rent which is quite reasonable. fairly big and pretty quiet Two bedrooms entirely furnished. up-to-date equipment, a new sink and a gas stove


17. a) When people are asked what kind of housing they need or want, the question evokes a variety of answers: four bedrooms; lots of storage space; close to my work; low rent; a quiet neighbourhood; a big yard; a scenic view; and so on.

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