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Read the following texts and find out.

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Lazing around on a beach is still the favourite holiday for Britons. And most of us prefer to do it at home, despite the popularity of foreign sun-spots.

According to a new Common Market survey, nearly 60 per cent of holidaying Britons head for the seaside and only a third of those go abroad.

Forty per cent of us take one holiday a year, but 21 per cent go away several times.

Last year 39 per cent didn’t have a holiday at all, explaining that they couldn’t afford one.




A third of those who went away chose to stay in hotels or guest houses. A fifth preferred to camp or caravan.

The least favourite holiday was the two-wheeled sort of cycling or touring by motor-bike.

Continue your survey about the state of things with travelling preferences in your country and summarize the received information in a short article on the analogy with the above one.


12. Continue each piece by adding a few sentences in full accordance with the speakers’ viewpoints.

Andrew: The best way to spend holidays is travelling .I believe holidays should be a change of scene. If you live in a noisy city surrounding you’d prefer quiet and peaceful holidays in the country, by the sea, in the hills. On the other hand if you are a country-dweller…

Boris: Many people prefer package holidays .With it you’ll have some of the usual holiday problems settled long before your holidays start. A travel company will organize it for you beforehand. It will book ticket for the flight, make reservations of the hotel, hire a bus or a car to take you to the airport and back. Breakfasts will also be included. And they will offer you a package of sightseeings. All you have to do is…

Alice: There are serious grounds to believe that the history books will describe the present period of human civilization as the time when people forgot how to use their legs. Men and women moved about in cars, buses and trains. There were lifts and escalators in all buildings to prevent people from walking. And the most surprising thing is that they didn’t use their legs even when they went on holidays…


Irene: Travelling is adventure, and adventure is necessary for all of us. It keeps us from growing stale and old, it gives us the movement and change which are necessary to our life. One of the aims of travel is to go in search of beauty. Yet even more valuable to the traveller is the knowledge which he gets of his fellow men by going among people of different characters and ways of life.The proverb says: “So many countries, so many customs”. And then there’s for the traveller the great joy of coming home again…


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Students Life at BSUIR | III. Project-work. | Read the text, filling in the gaps with the words from the box. Name the most characteristic pastimes of the British, compare them with those of the Belarusians. | Look at the two pictures and match the list of words with each picture. | Read the text choosing the right form of the words and say why people collect things. | Making suggestion | Jogging Alone | I. 1. Look through the proverbs and statements and try to outline the problems to be discussed. | In this advertisement some prepositions have been rubbed off while printing. Insert them instead of dots. | Make notes about the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by different means of transport. Then write a text similar to the one above, giving your own opinion. |

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