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Restore the telephone call and say what the girls are planning for tomorrow.

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Kate: I’ve returned this morning.

Julia: Perfect. I’ll call for you at 6.15

K: Is this Julia? This is Kate.

J: Hello. How are you? I didn’t expect you to be back in Minsk.

K: Thanks a lot. Good bye.

J: Hold on a minute, please. I’ll switch the TV off. I’m glad you phoned me.

K: Julia, I’m calling to invite you to a ballet. The Yelizariev theatre is performing “Creation of the World” tomorrow.

J: Good bye.

K: At 7 p.m. and runs two hours. And then let’s treat ourselves to a cup of coffee at the theatre café.

J: Thanks a lot. I’d be happy to join you. I admire the way Yelizariev sees the dance and the dimensions he explores in his work are perfect to convey the artistic meanings. Well, when does the performance start?


6. Work in pairs. Your British friend offers you to join him (her) in visiting one of London theatres. The “London Theatre Guide” will help you to choose where to go.

ALDWYCH Aldwych WC2B 4DF Map reference D5 Box Office CC 0171 416 6003 Agents CC 0171 312 8039*/ 0171344 4444* DONALD SINDEN, LUCY FLEMING, PATRICK RYECART JULIE-KATE OLIVIER and NIGEL DAVENPORT in That Good Night A new play by N. J. CRISP Directed by EDWARD HALL Mon-Sat at 7.45, Mats Wed, Sat at 2.30 Prices: £7.50-£24.00 AMBASSADOR'S West Street, Cambridge Circus WC2 9ND See map detail Box Office CC 0171 836 6111 Agents CC 0171420 0297/ 0171 312 1996 The song and dance musical Dames at Sea KIM CRISWELL, SARA CROWE and PETER DUNCAN Book and lyrics by GEORGE HAIMSOHN and ROBIN MILLER. Music by JIM WISE Until July 20
APOLLO Shaftesbury Avenue, W1V 7HD See map detail Box Office CC 0171 494 5070* O Piccadilly Circus Mon-Sat at 8.00, Mats Thur at 3.00, Sat at 5.00 Prices: £12.50-£25.00 Performance length 2h00 ZOE WANAMAKER, MARIA AITKEN, ROBIN ELLIS Sylvia A romantic comedy by A.R. GURNEY Directed by MICHAEL BLAKEMORE Mon-Fri at 8.00, Sat at 5.00 & 8.15, Mats Thur at 3.00 Prices: £11.50-£23.50 Performance length 2h00 HER MAJESTY'S Haymarket SW1Y4QR See map detail Box Office CC 0171 494 5400* Agents CC 0171 344 4444*/ 0171420 0000* Groups 0171 436 5588* ^ Piccadilly Circus Mon-Sat at 7.45, Mats Wed and Sat at 3.00 Prices: £10.00-£32.50 Best Musical Laurence Olivier Awards 1986 The Phantom of the Opera Music by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER Directed by HAROLD PRINCE Now booking to May 1997 Apply to box office daily for returns

7. Look through the dialogue and say why Mr. Smith didn’t manage to see a theatre performance.

Clerk: Hello.

Mr. Smith: Hello. How much is a ticket in the box for tonight?

Clerk: Sorry. The house has been sold out. There are no tickets at the book-office

for today. For any popular play it’s advisable to book seats in advance. But you might pick up a ticket at the entrance.

Mr. Smith: Oh, I don’t like to look for an extra ticket. I’ll make an arrangement for Friday night. Two best seats in the stalls or boxes, please.

Clerk: The best seats in the house are towards the centre of the third row in the stalls. Seats 14 and 15 are the first and second from the aisle.

Mr. Smith: All right. Thanks a lot.

Clerk: You better reserve the tickets in your name.

Mr. Smith: Alex Jonson. I’ll call for them some time around 5.30 on Friday.

Clerk: Don’t you worry. We’ll keep your booking till 6. Good bye.

Mr. Smith: Thank you. Bye.


8. Let’s phone to the book-office and try to reserve tickets. The table given above will help you.

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