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Read the text about shopping in our life and then reproduce it to your friend having completed the sentences below with the words from the text.

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Going shopping is a part of our everyday life. For some people it's a pleasant pastime while for others it's an everyday routine. Some people love doing the shopping and they are happy if they can pick up a bargain in the sales. But whether you like shopping or not you have to do it because it's a necessity.

In big cities and even many small towns there are all kinds of shops and stores as well as supermarkets. Supermarkets are primarily food stores which sell all kinds of food: fresh, frozen and canned meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products and bread. Practically everything a family needs can be found in a supermarket. There the customer serves himself and pays at the cash-desk on leaving the shop.

Department stores carry clothing for men, women and children, china and glassware, household electric appliances, furniture and other goods. However, many people don't like to shop in big department stores as they are often overcrowded. In my city we also have got a great number of shops. Most of them open at 9 a.m. and close at 8 or 9 at night. Smaller shops normally have a lunch break. Nearly all shops are closed on Sundays, except food shops and big shops and markets. I should say that all the shops are equally popular with customers, though some of them are really expensive. But they are not always quality shops. That's why many people these days prefer to do the shopping at the market where the prices are more reasonable.


a) Shopping is the thing you have to do as … whether you like it or not.

b) Some people find shopping pleasant and entertaining and they are happy if …

c) Supermarkets are convenient as they sell practically everything a family can need:…

d) One can say that one of the disadvantages of … … is that they are always overcrowded, although they offer a great variety of goods.

e) Most shops … and are closed on Sundays, except …

3. Read the text and get some information about Mike’s attitude to shopping. Reproduce the text to your friend having chosen the right preposition given in brackets.

I should say that I am one of those boys who hate shopping and the idea (of/about) doing the shopping drives me mad, though, of course, I like delicious food and nice clothes. It means somebody has to do it (to/for) you. In our family it's my mother's responsibility. She knows what to buy and where to buy (for/at) a cheaper price. Mostly, she does it accompanied by father (at/on) the supermarket, where they go to the grocery department, the greengrocery, the meat and fish counters and buy all the stuff we need for our large family. They usually do it once (in/-) a week.

I live in a small town, so there are not many shops here, to say nothing of supermarkets. Most shops are situated (in/at) the centre of the town and there is a two-storeyed department store(in/on)the central square and it is always overcrowded. The market is opposite the department store and people, mostly women and girls, go there to shop but (in/to) my opinion they more often go to look (on/at) the things than to buy. I don't understand this kind of pastime.

As I have said I am not keen (at/on) shopping at all and when my parents ask me to buy something, I am always reluctant to do it. From time to time I have to go to a department store when we need to buy some clothes or shoes (for/to)me. I hate trying things(-/on)in a fitting-room. Most of all I like book and music shops. I can stay there (for/-) hours leafing (about/through) pages of some historical books or going (through/across) piles of CDs or records. These shops are worth visiting even if you don't intend to make a purchase there as they offer a wide selection of books (on/in) music. But regular shopping is really boring and tiresome.


4. Tell your friend about your attitude to shopping. Use the word combinations and phrases given below:

I should say; hate/like shopping; to be one’s responsibility; to do shopping from time to time/regularly; to do shopping reluctantly/willingly; to prefer smth to smth; to be worth visiting/buying smth; to have a wide/poor selection of smth.

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