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The Baxters go shopping

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  10. Sometimes shopping is a kind of pastime and even entertainment for me and my mother. We can spend hours walking from one shop to another in search of something special.

The other day my wife took me on a usual shopping round. In fact, I hate going to the butcher's, grocer's and other shops of this sort but, of course, I have to help my wife about the house.

First we bought some pork and beef at the butcher's. Then we dropped in at the grocery and greengrocery. Jill wanted to buy sugar, salt, tomatoes and cucumbers. We also called at the baker's where we bought a loaf of brown bread, some buns and biscuits.

On our way home we were passing Selfridge's. 'Let's drop in here for a while. You need a suit for everyday wear,' my wife said. I agreed.

Selfridge's is still one of the biggest and most popular stores in London. They sell everything here. All the things for sale are on the counters. The customers walk round and choose what they want. The store has several departments: women's clothes, men's clothes, shoes, toys, sports goods, umbrellas, leather goods, china and glass, food and so on.

When we entered the shop, we went straight to the men's department. A salesgirl showed us a number of suits but we didn't like any of them. One of them was a bit loose on me, another was too tight. As to the third our opinions were quite different. I liked the suit. My wife found it too expensive. She wanted a suit as good as that one but less expensive. The salesgirl showed us a cheaper suit. It was of good quality but I didn't like the style. We were about to leave the counter when they delivered a new selection of goods. They were not only suits but different kinds of clothes; coats, raincoats, shirts, jackets and trousers. I tried on two or three suits. The last was all right. It was just my size and fitted me perfectly. We both liked the suit and the price was not high. 'We'll take it, wrap it up, please!' I said to the salesgirl.

After we left the men's department my wife spent the rest of the morning trying on hats. She wanted a pink straw hat to match one of her summer frocks. There was such a good selection of hats in the shop that in the end Jill bought two.


Ask your friend

if Mr. Baxter likes shopping.

If he helps his wife about the house

what shops they visited

what they wanted to buy at the grocery and greengrocery

where they decide to drop in on the way home

what kind of shop Selfrige’s is

what they sell

what the Baxters wanted to buy at the men’s department store

if they chose the right suit at once

what was wrong about the third suit

if they managed to buy a suit

what Mrs. Baxter bought for herself


Remember to become – быть к лицу, подходить (об одежде) to fit - быть в пору, подходить по размеру to match - подходить по цвету, форме и т.д (составлять пару по сочетаемости) to suit - устраивать/ подходить/удовлетворять по требованиям to go with - гармонировать Examples: 1. The blouse really becomes you and it's a perfect fit. 2. I'm afraid the jacket doesn't suit me. 3. Your new skirt matches your scarf perfectly. 4. The shoes don't fit my son. He has already grown out of them. 5. The boots are too heavy. They won't go with your dress.  

12. Tell your friend about your last shopping tour, your buying a new jacket, suit, sweater etc. Use the expressions given below:

a) buying a suit:

to be in the shopping mood, to need a suit for spring and summer wear, to get to the ready-made clothes department, to be expensive, to be too expensive, to find a cheaper one, to look smart, to try on, to step into the fitting room, of good quality, silk lining, to fit perfectly, to be quite a bargain, the sleeves were a bit too long, the tailor of the shop, to fix the sleeves in on time, to take the bill to the cashier:

b) buying a hat:

hats are my weak point, a fine selection of hats, the latest models in felt, velvet and straw, a little hat to go with the coat, to look smart, to try on, to. be too big, to be just smb's size, to become smb perfectly, to be in the very latest fashion, to look years younger, to be quite a bargain, to be of the best quality, to be just to one's liking, to put in into the hat-box, to pay at the cash-desk;

c) buying a dress:

to make up one's mind, to be in a shopping mood, to have some money, to go to the ready-made clothes department, the colour was the latest fashion, not to be very becoming, pale green, to try on another one, to go to the fitting room, to seem a bit loose, to fit well, to match one's hair and eyes, perfectly well, to take the bill to the cashier;

d) buying gloves:

the old ones have worn out, to get a new pair, a good selection of gloves, kid suede gloves, to look smart, to be reliable, to go well with the new shoes and coat, to be worth getting, find a better purchase for the price, to wrap up;

e) buying shoes:

to wear out, to go to the shoe department, to try on, to put the right shoe on, to pinch the toes, to be rather tight, to try on another pair, a pair of cheap leather shoes, to wear day after day, to look nice, to be quite a bargain, to fit perfectly, to take the bill to the cashier, to wrap up the purchase.

Read the text giving some information about the way people do shopping in different countries. Expand the statements following the text giving your arguments. Use the phrases given in the box.

For many Americans shopping is a profession. Americans spend hours walking round different shops and comparing prices to see if the item they want is cheaper somewhere else. The French are very serious about the shopping. They plan everything. They know exactly what they want, how much it costs and where they are going to find it. Some of them plan buying things at the periods of clearance sales. The British are the world's worst shoppers. They never know what they want when they go shopping for clothes. They always ask for advice and they believe a shop assistant who says: “It suits you perfectly, madam” or “purple is the right colour for you, sir.”


1. Many Americans are very particular about shopping.

2. The French are very serious about their shopping.

3. The British are the world’s worst shoppers


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