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Study the text and say which of these viewpoints it expresses.

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1. A.Quality newspapers tend to make news sensational, avoid serious political and social problems or treat them superficially.

B.Quality newspapers give a full and thorough coverage of national and international events, business, sport and other news.

C.Much of the information presented by quality newspapers concerns the private life of people who are in the news.


2. A.Popular newspapers publish factual news reports and provide political opinions.

B.Popular papers keep the ruling circles of the country more or less accurately informed of the state of affaires in the economic and politicalspheres.

C.Popular papers concern themselves with the reports written in an easy to read and exciting way, playing on people’s emotions.


3. A.In Great Britain newspapers are politically independent.

B.In Great Britain newspapers having considerable freedom of expression are generally inclined to be sympathetic to the government or some political parties.

C.All British newspapers reflect and defend the interests of the Establishment.


4. A.National papers report mostly local news and are supported by local advertisements.

B.Sunday national papers give a wider coverage of news than dailies.

C. The daily papers have Sunday editions which contain brief commentaries of the most important events of the week.


Press in Britain


Probably in no other country are there such great differences between the various national daily newspapers – in the type of news they report and the way they report it.

On the one hand, there are the quality newspapers: The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph. Quality newspapers are serious national daily newspapers, appealing mainly to the upper and middle classes. They concern themselves mainly with factual reports of major national and international events, with the world of politics and business and with arts and sport. The Daily Telegraph, for example, contains reports on national and international news, gives a full coverage of sports and other topics. The Financial Times is read mainly by professional and business people as it contains coverage of industry, commerce and public affairs. The Guardian gives a wide coverage of news events and reports on social issues, the arts, education, etc. The Times is the most famous newspaper. It is not actually the oldest newspaper in Britain, but some years ago it celebrated its two hundredth birthday. The Times represents the views of the establishment and is well-known for its correspondence column.

On the other hand, there are the populars and tabloids, so-called because of their smaller size. The tabloids – the most widely read of which are The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Daily Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Star – concentrate on more emotive reporting of stories often featuring sex, violence, the Royal family, film and pop stars, and sport. The popular press aims to entertain its readers rather than inform them.

In some countries, newspapers are owned by government or by political parties. This is not the case in Britain. Newspapers here are mostly owned by individuals or by publishing companies, and the editors of the papers are usually allowed considerate freedom of expression. This is not to say that newspapers are without political bias. Papers like The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express and The Sun, for example, usually reflect conservative opinions in their comment and reporting, while The Daily Mirror and The Guardian have a more left-wing bias.

In addition to the 12 national daily newspapers there are eleven national papers which are published on Sundays. Most of the “Sundays” contain more reading matter than daily papers, and several of them also include colour supplements – separate colour magazines which contain photographically-illustrated feature articles. Reading a Sunday paper, like having a big Sunday lunch, is an important tradition in many British households. Besides, nearly every area in Britain has one or more local newspapers. They give national but mostly local news. These are often evening newspapers, which people can buy in the afternoon or in the early evening on their way home from work.

There are magazines for all kinds of groups of people and for every type of hobby you can imagine, yet the British have nothing quite like many “news magazines”, serious and popular, that are, for example, on the German market. Information and articles of the type you would find in these “news magazines” appear in Britain in the national daily and Sunday newspapers.

The British are one of the biggest newspaper-reading nations in the world.


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