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Action Plan план мероприятий A schedule of actions required to develop, implement and maintain the HSE Management System.
HSE Meeting заседание (собрание) по вопросам охраны труда и окружающей среды Any meeting whose agenda comprises solely of HSE topics.
Accident авария An accident is an unplanned event that results in harm to people, loss of process, or damage to property or the environment.
Incident проишествие An incident is an unplanned event not resulting in loss which, under slightly different circumstances, could have resulted in harm to people, loss of process, damage to property, the environment, or the business interests of the Company.
Fatal Accident авария со смертельным (летальным исходом) Where a person(s) is involved in an accident from which they sustain injuries which cause death within 24 hours of the accident.
Serious Accident серьезная авария Disabling injuries and occupational illnesses causing subsequent death, permanent injury or incapacity from work estimated to exceed 3 months, or property damage and loss exceeding $10,000.
Lost Time Accident авария, связанная с потерей рабочего времени (простоем) An accident causing injury or occupational illness such that the person concerned is unable to resume normal duties the next day or shift (irrespective of field breaks, leave or holidays).
Minor Accident незначительная авария   First aid, non disabling injury or occupational illnesses which, following treatment, do not result in lost time, or property damage and loss in excess of $10,000.
Serious Incident серьезное проишествие An incident which under slightly different circumstances could have resulted in a fatal or serious accident.
Minor Incident незначительное проишествие An incident which under slightly different circumstances could have resulted in a minor accident.
Security Incident происшествие, создающее угрозу безопасности An incident in which a criminal or negligent action has resulted in harm to people, loss of process, or damage to property, the environment, or the business interests of the Company.
While at Work во время работы (выполняя работу) Includes being on Company premises, on Company business, and while travelling on Company business, and being on a location not owned by the Company where all or nearly all of the work is being performed for the Company and the Company has a full-time representative on site.
Toolbox Talk специальный инструктаж A meeting on an operational site which takes place prior to an activity which is especially hazardous or which is unfamiliar to the workers. All of the relevant personnel attend.
  Equipment which is designed to protect the person against the consequences of workplace hazards, for example hard hat, boots, respirator, etc.

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Listen to the tape and answer the questions given below. | An Example of a Difference between Russian and Western Operating Company Structure | OIL FORMATION | Read the words, remember the pronunciation. | How Oil Becomes Oil | Give Russian equivalents to the following English ones. | Physical and Chemical Properties of Oil | Terms and Vocabulary | Read the words, remember the pronunciation. | Write each safety rule in the box next to explanation. |

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