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Find the answers to the following questions.

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1. What are the stages for a geologist to find useful minerals or other minerals?

2. How can geochemical tests help geologists?

3. What equipment do geophysical tests include?

4. Is there any difference between electrical surveys and seismic ones?

5. Can geological prospecting alone prove there should be oil and gas?

Draw a diagram of geological prospecting and describe it.

Situational game.

Two groups - TPU students and TSU ones. The major is “Oil Exploration”. Discuss methods, elements of petroleum prospect, equipment, stages and tests of geological prospecting to have the opportunity to intern in one of the international companies.


Use the following communicative formulae:

On the one hand……on the other hand

All in all……….

Summing it up………..

In short………

Perhaps (may be \ possibly)…

It seems so…

To some extend (degree)…

First of all…\ to begin with…

As a matter of fact…

I’m inclined to think…


Agreement Disagreement
I (fully) agree. I’m against it (object to).
I am of the same opinion. You are wrong (mistaken).
In a way, yes. There’s something in what you say, but…
I suppose (expect \ believe) so. On the contrary.
I won’t deny. I disagree with you (on that point).

Exercise 19. 9 Listen to the video lecture “Crude Oil”.

Before watching.

a) Read and remember the following:

Terms and Vocabulary

molecule молекула a hot water bath водяная баня
hydrogen водород vaporize,v испарять(ся)
carbon углерод vapor,n пар
separating сепарация a naked flame открытое пламя
distillation перегонка flammable,adj огнеопасный; легковоспламеняющийся
a fume cupboard вытяжной шкаф, лабораторная тяга condense,v конденсировать(ся); сгущать(ся); сжижать(ся)
spit, v разбрызгивать, шипеть drip down стекать
side arm боковой отвод a bung stem пробка
fractional distillation фракционная (дробная) перегонка fractionating column фракционирующая ректификационная колонна
a conical flask коническая колба fractional distillation columns ректификационная колонна перегонки
a glass spiral стеклянный змеевик Celsius термометр Цельсия; шкала термометра Цельсия
a colorless liquid бесцветная жидкость    


While watching

B) Fill in the gaps with the terms you hear.

The hydrocarbons with low boiling points begin ---- ----immediately. They are ---- .So, it is safely not to heat with---- ---- ----.As the ----rises, it is in the side arm where it cools and----. This happens at about 40 degrees Celsius. The hydrocarbons, which boil at this temperature, ---- ----the side arm and form the first fraction. It is---- ---- ----. The temperature stays at around 40 until all the hydrocarbons with this boiling point are vaporized.

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Read and give the Russian equivalent of the given word-combinations. | Latest developments | Terms and Vocabulary | Acquisition of Seismic Data | SHOT HOLE | WORDLIST | APPENDIX. Use the table to tell about the four major geophysical methods used in oil exploration. | Oil exploration | How to Find Oil | Form adjectives and nouns from the following verbs. |

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