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About Halliburton

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Halliburton adds value through the entire lifecycle of oil and gas reservoirs, starting with exploration and development, moving through production, operations, maintenance, conversion and refining, to infrastructure and abandonment. We operate in over 120 countries working in four major operating groups.

Halliburton consists of three business segments:

• Drilling, Evaluation and Digital Solutions

• Fluid Systems

• Production Optimization

These segments offer a broad array of products and services to upstream oil and gas customers worldwide, ranging from the manufacturing of drill bits and other downhole and completion tools to pressure pumping services. KBR, Halliburton’s engineering subsidiary, is a global leader in construction and project management, with a strong historical position in LNG and oil and gas projects. The company is a leading government services contractor as well.



Halliburton Vision Statement

Leading the world in integrated energy services, energy equipment, engineering, construction, and maintenance. Supported by four key goals:

• Technological Leadership

• Operational Excellence

• Innovative Business Relationships

• Dynamic Workforce

Words and expressions

indelible незабываемый, неизгладимый
breakthrough прорыв
military военный
predecessor предшественник
to expand расширяться, развиваться
acquisition приобретение
purchas покупка
refining очистка; переработка (нефти)
processing обработка (химическая или термическая)
maintenance техническое обслуживание и ремонт
conversion переработка, химическое превращение
abandonment ликвидация скважины
fluid System жидкостная система
array ряд
upstream апстрим
drill bit буровая коронка, буровое долото
downhole and completion tool   оборудование для забоя и заканчивания скважины
pressure pumping service работы по снижению давления
subsidiary дочерний
government service contractor   сервисная фирма, выполняющая государственный подряд

BP – British Petroleum

The BP group operates across six continents, and our products and services are available in more than 100 countries


Our exploration and production activity in Africa is focused on Algeria, Angola and Egypt. We have working relationships with many national oil companies in this region. These are typically joint ventures, with BP providing management support, technical expertise and training. Elsewhere in Africa, our main activities are in refining and marketing, with a significant retail presence in Southern Africa and marketing operations for lubricants, oil and gas products, and solar panels across the continent.


In Asia, our exploration and production activities are centered in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan, while we do significant chemicals manufacturing in China, the Philippines, South Korea and Malaysia. BP also holds a leadership position in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in China, where we are involved in a number of joint ventures. In fact, our working relationships with many national oil companies in Asia – for example Kuwait and United Arab Emirates – are typically joint venture activities. BP Solar has a manufacturing plant in India. We market lubricants and oil products throughout the region, with major retail operations in India and China.

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