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1. Translate the following sentences into Russian paying attention to the Infinitive Constructions.

1. The professor made the students repeat the experiment. 2. We want them to receive this information as soon as possible. 3. We know the first atomic power station to have been built in the USSR. 4. The only thing for you to do is to use a microscope. 5. A material which allows electricity to flow through it is called a conductor. 6. We did not see them make this experiment. 7. For him to take this decision was not easy. 8. We think this work to be completed in a month. 9. Our profes­sor wants us to use these data. 10. It was easy for our mechanic to re­pair this device. 11. Electronics enabled scientists to take pictures of the moon. 12. For the decision to be correct all facts must be considered


2. Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. Electrons were shown to be particles of negative electricity. 2. When illuminated by a radar wave, Venus is found experimen­tally to be darker at the limbs than at its centre. 3. The vacuum is ordinarily defined as a state of absence: a vacuum is said to exist in a region of space if there is nothing in it. 4. Some of the ancients held that matter was composed of atoms. Still they can hardly be said to have formulated a true scientific theory.5. The solar wind has been found to consist of completely ionized plasma—a gas composed of electrically charged fragments of atoms. 6. The atmosphere on Mars is thought to be substantially thicker than on the earth and thus capable of statically supporting larger surface blocks. 7. If a particle moves in a circle with a constant speed, it is said to be in uniform motion. 8. Natural uranium was stated to consist mainly of two isotopes. 9. Electronic computers are likely to have as profound effect as nuclear energy on the future of man. 10. The best current estimates suggest that the population of the Third World is likely to triple in the next century and thereafter remain stable. 11. The chief difficulty turned out to be the determination of the formulae of the compounds.12. A supernova, the catastrophic explosion of a massive star, is believed to occur in a galaxy twice a century. 13. The experiment turned out to be more difficult than could be expected. 14. All students are supposed to know Newton's laws of mechanics. 15. Automation is known by everyone to have reduced the demand for some types of labour. 16. The light from a star only recently discovered is known to be coming to us during many years. 17. A number of salts have been prepared in the laboratories which have not been found to occur naturally. 18. The surface of the earth is thought to be like the hard shell of a nut. 19. The sun is thought to be in the first stage of nuclear burning. 20. The atmosphere is thought to have developed as the result of chemical and photochemical processes


3. Underline the construction the 'Objective with the Infinitive' in the following sentences with a straight line and verbs after which this construction is used with a wavy line.

1.We saw them jump from parachutes.

2.I expect you to join our excursion.

3.1 heard the door of the entrance hall open and close softly.

4.They all gathered on the hill to watch the sun rise.

5.The people in the North do not see the sun come out for months.

6.He made the tractor work at full speed.

7.She felt her hands tremble.

8.We wished him to succeed.

9.We had not expected her to reply, but she did.

10.We knew him to be a clever man.

11.The traveler entered the inn and ordered supper to be prepared.

12.He felt his heart beat with joy.

13.I am waiting for them to go before I speak of the matter.

14.We saw him cross the street looking to the left and to the right.

15.I felt the wind blow through a chink in the wall.

16.We stood on deck and watched the sun go down.

17.Passing the house I heard him play the piano.

18. I don't like you to repeat that nonsense.

19.I hate people to speak so cynically.

20.Leave me to manage the matter for you.

21.We expect everybody to be ready by seven.

22. Don’t think him to be a coward.

23.They showed themselves even more narrow-minded than we had expected them to be.

24.I don't trust myself to skate on this uneven ice.

25.'We want our children to grow up into active, energetic and enterprising men and women, not afraid to face difficulties,' said the director of the children's home.


4. Underline all the complexes with the infinitives and translate them into Russian.

1.He was anxious for everyone to be merry and bright.

2.Drawing the curtains aside, the saw the first grey streaks of morning. The flowers were just appearing in the young green, short and blue; next week or the week after there would be a carpet for the children to lie upon.

3.He was undisturbed by Shelton's scrutiny, watching the rind coil down below the apple, until in a springing spiral it fell on the path and collapsed like a toy snake.

4.The door creaked. He saw Irene come in, pick up the telegram and read it.

5.He is known to take very sudden decisions.

6.I expected her to behave very differently.

7.He is supposed to be at work.

8.I haven't got her permission for you to go.

9.He was understood to be hard at work.

10.She made Shelton pull into the reeds, and plucked two rounded lilies sailing like ships, against slowly-moving water.

11.The boom of an airplane passing under the gold-tinted clouds caused him to lift his eyes.

12.Perhaps we had better go in; I don't want you to catch a cold.

13.At once they found something for her to do.

14.At the stop she found another girl waiting for the bus to stop.

15.I understood him to say that his friend was up the river somewhere.

16.They lowered the rope ladder from the deck for him to climb.

This translation is too difficult for a beginner to do it without errors.


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