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Match the words from the left column with their synonyms from the right.

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Example: 2. penalty – E. punishment

1. essential A. beginning, start
2. penalty B. weigh down
3. dimension C. uphold, support
4. shooting D. make use
5. overburden E. punishment
6. dispense with F. measurement
7. outset G. do without
8. sustain H. substantial
9. utilize I. explosion


6. Match the verb with the noun to form collocations. Add a preposition where necessary.

Example: locate bodies

locate of indication

measure of irregular shape

consist bodies

utilize depth/ distance

survey properties

cover ground

give dimensions

be measurements


Fill in the gaps with the terms from the text.

1. The most useful properties of rocks in geophysical prospecting are _________________________.

2. Other rock properties such as _____________are also utilized in geophysical prospecting.

3. Such factors as ___________ and _________ govern the choice of method for particular survey.

4. ____________and ______________factors have to be considered in performing a drilling programme.


5. A _____________consists of a set of measurements usually collected to a systematic pattern over the earth’s surface by land, sea or air.


6. In mining geophysics the emphasis is made on ________and _______of ______________.



Make up sentences using the following words.

1. use/ in/ geophysical prospecting/ of/ made/ rock properties/ is/ most/.

2. govern/ many/ for/ the choice/ factors/ method/ survey/ geophysical/ of/ particular.

3. civil engineering/ is/ small/ with/ geophysics/ not necessary/ for / deals/ depths/ which.

4. geophysical/ subsurface/ to locate/ the object/ survey/ of/ is/ structures.

5. ore bodies/ interpretation/ quantitative/ difficult/ precise/ makes/ the/ shape/ irregular/ of.


Give the English equivalents of the given Russian words.

1. In the field investigations engineers make use (как) structural (так и) physical properties.

2. The remote site location (делает необходимым) participation of a large corporation in the project.

3. Variations in (глубине залегания коренной породы) are often needed on major construction (места).

4. Every (конкретное) formation can be characterized by some degree of (однородности).

5. (Остаточная намагниченность) is a property which is (в большей степени определяется) by the structure of a rock.

6. High (электропроводимость) is an indirect (показатель, признак) of oil and gas presence.

7. (C другой стороны) if the economic penalties of (неточности) are (значительны) it may be cheaper (провести разведочное бурение).

8. (Сейсмические изыскания) are of the (той же самой) importance in (разведке, поиске) for underground waters in (гражданском строительстве).

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