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Match the pictures with the extract for illustration of which they can serve.

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  1. A. Read the paragraph below and choose the most appropriate words/ phrases in bold. Where could you read this extract?
  2. Analysis for this excerpt: There are idioms in this sentence. «State pair» – in this sentence means favorite glasses, which aunt Polly used to wear only when she went out.
  3. As soon as we finish work we shall go to the pictures.
  4. As you listen to the extract, for each question 1-4 choose the answer that fits the meaning best.
  5. B. Make a Power Point presentation which can be used as a manual for foreign students that wish to spend a gap year in our country.
  6. Before you listen do the vocabulary activity below. Match the words and phrases to the definitions.
  7. Check the comprehension of the text by listening to each question and choosing the answer, which you think, is correct.
  8. Check the comprehension of the text by listening to each question and choosing the answer, which you think, is correct.
  9. Chemical reactions are processes in which substances change into other substances.
  10. Compare answers and decide which description fits him best.


Using these pictures remember some facts about reflection seismology.

Answer the following questions.

1. What do geophysicists interpret the seismic data for?

2. What are three environments for seismic exploration?

3. What is the general principle of getting seismic data?

4. Which exploration tool is typical for sub-sea survey?

5. What non-geophysical issues may influence the choice of exploration technology?

6. What is the reflection seismic method?

7. What does that mean “reflection seismology is similar to sonar and echolocation”?

8. How are depths of geological structures determined?

9. In what case is a “spread correction” applied?

10. What is impedance?

Describe the method of geophysical exploration shown in the diagram.

Reflection Seismology

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Remember some facts about pendulums and gravimeters. Determine their common features and differences. | Comment on the following statements. | Magnetic Methods | Place the sentences according to the order of their appearance in the text. | Electrical Methods | Equipotential-line and potential-profile methods. | Notion of DC resistivity method | WORDLIST | Terms and Vocabulary | Reflection Seismology |

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