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  9. Go through the interview that follows and be ready to speak about your favourite musician.
  10. Go through the interview that follows.

1. Be polite, speak clearly, slowly, and use simple grammatical structures.

2. Take your time to think on your answers.

3. Prepare answers to broad questions about yourself (e.g., your background, interests).

4. Let the Interviewer finish the question, do not interrupt even if you are sure that you understand the question.

5. Let the Interviewer interrupt you.

6. Ask to repeat or paraphrase the question if you do not understand it.

7. Ask questions about the position and the organization.

8. Stress your accomplishments.

9. Be consistent throughout the interview.

10. Stay focused.

11. Don't act unsure of your abilities, subdued, or distracted.

12. Don't apologize for your shortcomings or your lack of perfect English.

13. Don't say anything negative about your present or previous employers or co-workers.

14. Don't answer with a simple "yes" or "no". Explain whenever possible.

15. Don't over-answer questions - know when to stop and listen to the Interviewer.

16. Thank the Interviewer at the end of the interview.



Study the words and expressions that might help you answer questions:

nowhere никуда, нигде
none никакой
never никогда
once a year раз в год
twice a week дважды в неделю
thrice a month три раза в мес€ц
four times a day 4 раза в день
so-so так себе
it depends по вс€кому бывает
of course конечно
no/not yet нет/ нет еще
yes да
obviously очевидно
sure конечно
perhaps возможно
thatТs right правильно, верно, это так
thatТs correct правильно, верно, это так
thatТs true правильно, верно, это так
this is quite true это в общем-то так
I agree € согласен
IТm afraid, thatТs wrong боюсь, что это не так
IТm afraid, you are mistaken боюсь, что вы ошибаетесь
that isnТt correct это не правильно
of course, not конечно нет
that isnТt true это не так
I disagree € не согласен
I think itТs boring € думаю, что это скучно
I think itТs interesting € думаю, что это интересно
I think itТs so думаю, что так
I doubt it € сомневаюсь
I quite like it мне это вполне нравитс€
I like it best мне это больше всего нравитс€
as often as possible как можно чаще
not very long не очень долго
not very often не очень часто
seldom редко
sometimes иногда
occasionally от случа€ к случаю
about (a mile) около (мили)
me too € тоже (утверждение)
me neither € тоже (отрицание)
Why ? = How come (Am.E) почему?
I think Е € думаю Е
exactly точно
not really не совсем так
I love it € это люблю
I hate it € это терпеть не могу
I neither like nor dislike it не могу сказать, что мне нравитс€
IТd rather not say предпочел бы не говорить
sure, IТm sure конечно, € уверен
no possibility нет возможности
no friends нет друзей
no time нет времени
no money нет денег
no wish нет желани€
IТve no idea не имею пон€ти€, не имею представлени€
IТm not certain € не уверен
IТm not sure € не уверен
Sorry, I donТt know »звините, € не знаю
What do you think ofЕ ? „то вы думаете о Е?
slightly слегка
IТm (fairly) self-confident € (достаточно) уверен в себе


Conversational УFillersФ

Ј Oh Ј Really Ј I see Ј ЈYou know Ј Let me see Ј Right Ј Good Ј How interesting! (nice, exciting) Ј Lovely! Ј Wonderful! Ј Oh, dear!



/before a difficult explanation/

Ј Well Ј The thing isЕ Ј You seeЕ Ј ItТs like thisЕ


Study the words and expressions that might help you make a summary of the text:

The title of the text is Е

The main idea of the text is Е

The text is devoted to Е

The text deals with Е

The problem is the following Е

As far as I know Е

In my opinion Е

Ј I thinkЕ Ј As toЕ Ј In factЕ Ј To sum it upЕ Ј The text ends withЕ


Ј NowЕ Ј WellЕ (before a new thought or a new piece of information)


You have to remember thatЕ

The fact is thatЕ to point out an important information or

So you see thatЕ to sum it up

What IТm saying is thatЕ


Ј First/first of allЕ Ј SecondlyЕ Ј FinallyЕ Ј AlsoЕ Ј For a startЕ Ј Then

(to enumerate some points)

In other wordsЕ

I meanЕ to explain

Look at it this wayЕ


Ј ButЕ Ј On the other handЕ (to show the other side of the problem)

Either Е or Е Е means that Е .
Insofar as Е, Е . Е leads to Е
Otherwise Е or else
With the alternative that Е in case Е
Alternatively Е is a necessary condition for Е
If Е, then Е Е provided that, providing that
If Е . Е so long as Е .
Given that Е, Е Е is implied by Е .
Only if Е Е implies Е
Whenever Е . Е is a sufficient condition for Е


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