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C) Give English equivalents of the following words and phrases.

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1. Mr. Wilson was doing well in life, for he розводив коней and rabbits and had vast lands. 2. He was a widower and he обожнював his only daughter Nancy by name, a girl aged 20.3.They lived an uneventful life on a remote farm and only books допомагали їй в житті. 4. She lived у вигаданому світі. 5. Her father decided видати її заміж and turned to the services of свахи, since there were no eligible young men around. 6. Her father believed that an arranged marriage was better for her than being single. 7. Nancy's husband seemed to be a man з гарними манерами. 8. But within several months it виявилосьthat через зраду Джедсона the family skeleton (that Nancy's mother was mentally unbalanced) was made public property. 9. At first Mr. Wilson довіривсяhis son-in-law, but soon he saw through him (sized him up) and understood that Judson's слова розходились з вчинками so he was брехливий, and his appearance and fine manners were обманними. 10. There was no рівніfor Judson in the art of брехні. 11. His first impulse was to turn Judson out, but he стримав себе. 12. He перевіривall bills and papers carefully and tried не бажати йому зла. 13. Rumours had it that Judson зрадив his friends repeatedly and had begun his military career як зрадник. 14. But Nancy не дивилась правді в очі, she loved the man, she вигадала. 15. But soon she was destined to become a widow. 16. The Wilsons had a cottage near a small wood. 17. They spent their weekends there; their hands (laborers) found shelter in the cottage, especially in spring when the weather was so мінлива, 18. Once Judson found that a bottle of his favourite wine on the shelf in the cottage was half-empty. 19. He couldn't стримати емоції and decided to revenge himself on the thief. 20. When he was putting poison into the bottle, his face was wearing a malicious smile. 21. He put the bottle back on the shelf and remembered that he не вистачало powder, for he intended to go hunting. 22. But he couldn't дістатись до неї, for it was on the upper shelf. 23. So he stood on a chair which was по-зрадницьки ненадійний, but the chair crashed under his weight, and falling down he struck his head badly against the edge of the table and lost his consciousness.24. Soon his neighbour happened to find him lying on the floor and wishing to bring Judson to senses he poured some poisoned wine into Judson's mouth. 25. Thus Judson's злостивість recoiled on him (he brought his death on himself). 26. When Nancy heard about his death she kept repeating "Everything is gone', but when she knew the real reason for his death she wished she never не бачила him.

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