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Students Life at BSUIR

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  2. Ask one of the students and let him (her) answer your questions.
  3. B) SpUt into groups of 5-6 students and assign the roles of the panel.
  4. B. Make a Power Point presentation which can be used as a manual for foreign students that wish to spend a gap year in our country.
  5. Change and your students
  6. Exercise 2. Answer the following questions in groups of three to four students.
  7. Exercise 3. Now divide into pairs or small groups and read about each method. Then tell other students what you have read about. Try not to miss any detail.
  8. G. Students nominate best lecturers
  9. Have you worked as a teacher in other countries? How foreign students differ from Russian ones?
  10. Helping Students to Learn Autonomy
Students Club
Brass band the group of national Gypsy song
Vocal group

Dance group

Sports Club


16. Give your own ideas on any of the following statements:

1) BSUIR is the national leader among educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

2) It’s not fair to take exams.

3) Extra-curricular activities at the University are valuable.

4) Foreign languages are of great importance for highly qualified specialists.


17. Examine the network and reproduce the topic “University Studies” supplying the necessary factual and imaginative details so as to present some ideas to your group-mates.

-to be founded - 10 faculties - teaching staff - subjects - the graduates

Sports Club Students Club

II. Writing Section.

Write a letter to your English friend about your first months at University. Tell him/her what you like and dislike most.

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Tell your friend about English eating traditions choosing the right preposition from the brackets. | Now teach your cousin to cook the Apple Charlotte. | B) Use the word combinations from the box given below. | Look up and say which of these viewpoints are expressed in the text. | Comment on the following statements. | American Food | At the Kitchen | An Invitation to Dinner | UNIVERSITY STUDIES | Reproduce these pieces of explanation on different kinds of classes choosing the right words from the columns. Speak about the kinds of work you do at University. |

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