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Read the text, filling in the gaps with the words from the box. Name the most characteristic pastimes of the British, compare them with those of the Belarusians.

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Entertainment, popular pastime, information source, favourite activity, gardening, outings, enthusiasm, enjoyment, leisure, spend, personal taste, audience, art gallery, exhibition.




Since ancient times man has always needed bread and entertainment and ... . Nowadays to be able to fill ... intelligently is the last product of civilisation. How people ... their free time depends on age, sex, educational background, social class and, of course, on their ... .

It has been estimated that the average British person spends 75 hours every week with television, radio, newspapers and magazines. All these sources of information and ... , together with films, video, and advertisements, have become a part of daily life.

Watching television is a very ... in Britain. А typical day’s viewing includes films, plays, current affairs, light entertainments, sports and politics.

Another ... is listening to music on the radio, records, cassettes and CDs. This has become increasingly popular in recent years. Enthusiasts of pop music spend millions of pounds a year on records and stereo music systems. There is, too, a considerable ... for classical music.

Britain is also famous for its gardens and most people like ... . There are more private gardens in Britain than in any other country and they are looked after with love and ... . The British are keen gardeners. Almost every village and town holds an annual flower show in summer at which local gardens exhibit fruit, flowers and vegetables and compete with each other for prizes.

On holidays, weekends or days off people often go for day “...”. Some may not get much further than local parks or private gardens open to the public. Others may visit nearby ... and museums, or perhaps special ... . Real enthusiasts go on outings in all weathers.

Try to get answers to the following questions about the text:

1. What is an outing?

2. When do the British usually go on outings?

3. What are British people’s cultural activities?


3. Here is the list of some activities different people devote their leisure to. Look at the pictures and match the pictures and the activities.


Express your point of view on the advantages of each activity or recreation.


4. Tell your partner which of the mentioned in EX.3 activities you like and which of them you dislike. Why? Use the prompts.

I’d love to, I’m interested in, I’d prefer, I enjoy, I am keen on, I hate, I am not fond of, I am bored by, I can’t stand.
appreciate results, cope with, acquire new skills, make use of, enjoy energetic activities, joyful, fascinating, boring, pleasant.



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