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Significance of Geophysical Exploration

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geophysical exploration may be defined as prospecting for mineral deposits and geologic structure by surface measurement of physical quantities geophysical exploration (GE) makes use of phenomena which can be interpreted fully through the fundamental laws of physics, measured, and verified by anyone as long as suitable instruments are used geophysical exploration may be considered an application of the principles of geophysics to geological exploration derived from the Greek the word Geophysics means “physics” or “nature” of the earth it deals with the composition and physical phenomena of the earth and its liquid and gaseous envelopes it embraces the study of terrestrial magnetism, atmospheric electricity, and gravity; and it includes seismology, volcanology, oceanology, meteorology, and related sciences experience has demonstrated that most subsurface structures and mineral deposits can be located, provided that detectable differences in physical properties exist the main properties exhibited by the more common rocks and formations are: density, magnetism, elasticity, and electrical conductivity this entails for major geophysical methods: gravitational, magnetic, seismic, and electrical since GE is the determination of subsurface geologic structure by means of surface physical measurements, it is applicable in industrial fields where knowledge of geologic conditions is essential it is understood that such applications are advisable only where structures and ore bodies are not exposed, as most geophysical measurements are more expensive than surface geological surveying

You are going to listen to an interview with Steve Holbrook, Professor of University of Wyoming (UW), Geology Geophysics Department. The notes on the information from the interview are given below. For gaps (1-10) you should fill in words that are missing. No more than two words can be used.

Steve Holbrook does (1) ________ _________ seismology.

There are seismologists who listen to the sounds which the (2) ______ _________.

The second type of seismologists make their own sounds and listen for the (3)_____ that comes back.

The students of the department are very (4) ______ and that brings a lot of energy to the place.

Professor Holbrook’s recent research is connected with (5) ________ ________ .

This gas might have played a role in the (6) ______ ________ .

The project which is conducted in Costa Rico involves analysis of magma (7) _____ and magma flux.

The very exciting research area that Professor Holbrook’s group has just taken is seismic (8) ___________ .

The seismic survey in the ocean is used to (9) _____ the Earth.

There are a lot of (10) ____ ______ and _______ events at the university.


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