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Answer the following questions.

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1. What is top-down construction method?

2. What is chime welding?

3. How many hydraulic lifting jacks are set up around the whole perimeter? What is the maximum distance between the jacks?

4. What are circular belts?

5. Why must the steel belts be up to 3m wide? If not then state the width of these belts?

6. What are the advantages of top-down construction?

Read the statements. Circle T (True) and F (False).

EXAMPLE: T 1. Cone-bottom tanks can be applied in bolted tanks.

T\ F 1. Cone-bottom tanks can be applied in bolted tanks.
T \ F 2. Regular drainage keeps the cone-bottom tank clean.
T \ F 3. Cone-bottom tanks only drain water from the tank bottom.
T \ F 4. Floating roof tanks are used for storage above atmosphere pressure.
T \ F 5. There is a seal between the space of floating roof and tank shell.
T \ F 6. Fixed roofs are temporary welded to tank shells.
T \ F 7. Field-welded tanks provide small storage capacities.
T \ F 8. The tank shell thickness can be calculated in designing field-welded tanks.
T \ F 9. Shop-welded tanks are very expensive.
T \ F 10. Welded-steel tanks provide on-the-spot storage.
T \ F 11. Fixed roofs are frangible in case of extra internal pressure.

Read the text once more and fill in the chart with the necessary information.

Type Capacity Material Application Advantages Disadvan-tages
Bolted-steel 100 to 10.000 bbl        

You will hear various people talking about tanker disaster.

Task 1. Look at the types of persons listed below. As you listen, decide in what order your hear them speak and complete the table with the appropriate number. Three people will not be used.

A A Green party campaigner  
B A member of the public  
C A central government spokesman  
D A local inhabitant of a disaster area  
E A ship-owner spokesman  
F A radio newsreader  
G A local official  
H An insurance broker  

Task 2. Look at the topics listed below. As you listen, put the topics in the order in which you hear them mentioned and complete the table with appropriate number. Three topics will not be used.

A Providing aid for the local people  
B Offering compensation payments  
C Preventing future disasters  
D Describing effect on local people’s lives  
E Tightening international regulations  
F Criticizing government policies  
G Keeping transport costs down  
H Explaining the cause of the accident  

14.Role play: Pipeline engineering department is discussing the possible variants of steel tanks with fixed roofs or floating roofs for the East Siberia Pacific Pipeline System project. (Appendix 3).


1. Reports (different opinions)

2. Comparison analysis

3. Results and conclusions

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