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As our company __ to break into the new consumer markets of Central Europe we ____a new subsidiary next month. Wants, are opening

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As soon as we _______ the purchase of the building, we will start advertising our product. complete

As soon as you _______ me your flight number and arrival time, I _______ for our driver to meet you at the airport. tell, will arrange

At that moment I didn’t realize my telephone conversations ______ to. Were being listened

Before the Web, if you wanted to sell direct to consumers, you either had to build a ______ or do a

Before they _______ this contract they _______ of better terms for future business. sing, will think

Boss said: “Stop talking, Joe!” The boss told Joe to stop talking.

Career____ is a period of time away from job to do smth break

Career____ is something you do to progress in your job. move

Catalog mailings. Retail outlet

Choose the correct question word: _______ are your customers?who

Choose the correct question word: _______ do you expect customers to continue to buy this product?How long

Choose the correct question word: _______ is the current position of your company?What

Choose the correct question word: where

Choose the correct question word: why

Choose the correct question: Did they spend a lot on advertising?

Choose the correct question: Have you any idea how much time there is left?

Choose the correct question: Have you looked through my quarterly sales report?

Choose the correct question: Have you thought of making working hours more flexible?

Choose the correct question: I prefer the first optionwhich option do you prefer?

Choose the correct question: What do people here usually do at weekends?

Choose the correct question: What practical advice can you give to those who want to get ahead in their career?

Choose the correct question: Where did their advertise they new range?

Choose the correct question: The new model costs $144.How much does the new model costs?

Choose the correct question: We held the meeting in London last year.Where did you hold the meeting last year?

Conflict management differs from one company to another. How do people ______ conflict in your company? Handle

Consumers. e-tailing

Department which keeps a record of the money coming and going out is called _______. accounts department

Doing business without ___ is like winking at a girl in the dark. advertising

Don’t forget to pay attention ____ details while writing a formal letter. to

Don’t make a decision _______ you’ve read the contract. before

Due to a tight monetary policy the government managed to reduce _____ rate to 2%. inflation

During negotiations parties should agree on the best _____ of their problem. solution

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