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Text 3A. Ural Federal University

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Now let me tell you about my University. I am really glad that I study here. It is one of the finest country's higher educational institutions. Many famous people have graduated from my University, and not only engineers or scientists, but many outstanding writers, actors, showmen and politicians. Studying at our University gives a solid background in all spheres of knowledge and prepares for practical work.

Ural Federal University is one of the institutions of higher education in Russia. Our University is quite large and old. Founded in 1920 as a part of Ural State University it became known as Ural Polytechnical Institute − UPI. In 1994 UPI was renamed Ural State Technical University and in 2010 − Ural Federal University. In 2010 it celebrated its 90th anniversary.

At present the University is a powerful centre of education and science in the Urals. The academic staff numbers about 3,500 lecturers and scientist. Among them there are Academicians, Corresponding members of various academies, professors and assistant professors. Every year about 3,000 engineers graduate from the University. There are more than 57,000 students at 20 full-time and part-time faculties and institutes.

There are many institutes in my University. Here are some of them: Mechanical and Machine Building, Metallurgical, Chemical Technology, Civil Engineering, Radio electronic Engineering, Physical Engineering, Power Engineering, the Institute of Economics and Management, Physical Training Institute and Humanitarian Institute.

These institutes offer more than 30 specialties in the field of chemistry, metallurgy, mechanics, power engineering and economics not only for students of Yekaterinburg, but also Nizhny Tagil, Pervouralsk, Verchnaya Salda, Kamensk-Uralsky, Krasnoturinsk, Serov and some other towns of our region. The University has its branches in each of these towns.

The University has international contacts in the field of education with many European countries and the USA. An integral part of the educational process is research done by students and academic staff. Research is carried out under the supervision of the most advanced scientists. Our scientists are well-known all over the world.

Our University is large and we have several buildings. There are many large halls there so that students of 3−4 groups together can fit in there. And that is more than 100 people. The acoustics in such large halls is very good but sometimes it is very noisy when students chat during the lecture.

Laboratories are equipped with up-to-date equipment and there students can carry on lab works and conduct various experiments. Many students from my group do their own research work.

There are several cafes at the academy. My favourite one is situated on the first floor and people say that this is the oldest canteen or student's cafe. The food there is tasty and very affordable.

There are also several dormitories or hostel buildings where students from other cities live.

Ural Federal University has got all the opportunities for successful study and active relaxation of students and academic staff. Those who like sports can go in for different sport activities at the stadium and athletic grounds. Those who are interested in amateur art can join different musical, dancing, theatrical groups. A bright and colourful holiday for students of the University is the traditional Festival ‘UPI Spring’. A remarkable tradition of the festival is a memorial meeting in the honour of the students and employees of the University who gave their lives for freedom of our Country in the Second World War.

In spite of its age Ural Federal University is young thanks to the youth of its students.

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