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Text 5A. I want to be an engineer

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Hi, there! Here is Irina Sokolova. I am afraid this will be my last meeting with you because I need to pack my suitcase. I am leaving for Sochi tonight. I have passed all the exams successfully and I'm free till the 1st of September.

As I have already told you, I was always good in mathematics and physics. My parents bought me a computer when I was in the 5th form. Since then I knew that I would become a specialist in computer technologies − a computer engineer.

Computer industry is developing so fast, that it comprises almost all spheres of professional life. No business now is possible without computers. This is especially true about automated manufacturing of products and robotics. Computer control of automated production opens new horizons for the cheap and quality production of goods. Information is now generated, transmitted, received, and stored electronically through computer networks on a scale unprecedented in history, and there is every indication that the explosive rate of growth in this field will continue.

Computer engineering is a general field. It deals with both electric and electronic industries.

Electronic engineering deals with the research, design, integration, and application of circuits and devices used in the transmission and processing of information.

Engineers in the field of electric and electronic engineering are concerned with all aspects of electrical communications, from fundamental questions such as ‘What is information?’ to the highly practical, such as the design of telephone systems. In designing communication systems, engineers rely on various branches of advanced mathematics, such as Fourier analysis, linear systems theory, linear algebra, differential equations, and probability theory.

Engineers work on control systems which are used extensively in automated manufacturing and in robotics.

Major developments in the field of communications and control have been the replacement of analogue systems with digital systems; fiber optics is used now instead of copper cables. Digital systems offer far greater immunity to electrical noise. Fiber optics is likewise immune to interference; they also have great carrying capacity, and are extremely light and inexpensive to manufacture.

Computer engineering is now the most rapidly growing field. The electronics of computers is the design and manufacture of memory systems, of central processing units, and of peripheral devices. The most prospective industry now is the Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) and new computer architectures. The field of computer science is closely related to computer engineering; however, the task of making computers more ‘intelligent’ (artificial intelligence), through creation of sophisticated programs or development of higher level machine languages or other means, is generally regarded as the dream of computer science.

One current trend in computer engineering is microminiaturization. Engineers continue to work to fit greater and greater numbers of circuit elements onto smaller and smaller chips.

Another trend is towards increasing the speed of computer operations through the use of parallel processors and superconducting materials.

So, as you see, there are a lot of employment opportunities in my field. I don't worry about finding a job. The most important thing for me now is to study well and to graduate from the University.

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