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Read the dialogue between two former colleagues working in hotel business, who meet at the annual Hoteliers' Conference.
John: Hello, Tom!  
Tom: How nice to see you, John! I haven't seen you for ages!  
John: No, not since I left the Hyde Park Towers. It must be four years. You're not still there, are you?  
Tom: I'm the General Manager, actually. Congratulations! You've done well! Thank you. What are you doing here?  
John: Oh, I'm still involved with hotels. I'm a partner in a company that builds leisure facilities - swimming pools, saunas, tennis courts, that sort of thing. I can't interest you in a pool, can I?  
Tom: I'm afraid you're too late. We've already got one. We've made quite a few changes since you were there. We built a large extension a couple of years ago with a pool, fitness center, solarium and sauna. We've opened a couple of tennis courts. It's a pity we didn't know about you. We might have been able to give you some business.  
John: Well, I've only been there for a little over a year. But tell me, you must be doing pretty well, then?  
Tom: Yes, things are a lot better than they were four years ago, that's for sure. You know there was a take-overabout a year after you left?  
John: Yes, I heard.  
Tom: Well, they've put a lot of money into the hotel, and it really looks great now. Our rooms are far more comfortable and we offer the best facilities in the area. So of course we can charge higher prices. It's certainly paying off - occupancy ratesare right up!  
John: Well, it was about time. What about those old family rooms in the annexe?  
Tom: Last year, we converted them into business apartments and a business center.  
John: Really? Good idea. A lot of hotels are going that way.  
Tom: We're hoping to open a suite of conference rooms in the next year or two.  
John: Well, the old Towers certainly sounds a different place!  
Tom: Yes. We've expanded the restaurant too.  
John: Who's the chef? It's not still Jiovanni, surely?  
Tom: Heavens, no! He's gone back to Italy. No, in the end we hired a top French chef, Marcel. Have you heard of him? He's been with us for more than three years now, and he has certainly made a difference. You must come and have a meal with us some time.  
John: Yes, I must. It's just a pity I can't sell you a swimming-pool.  


Answer the following questions:

1. How long haven't they seen each other?

2. Why did John congratulate Tom?

3. What line of business is he in?

4. How long has John been in the leisure facilities business?

5. Why doesn't Tom need the services of John's business?

6. How have the things changed in the Towers Hotel? What contributed to its success?

7. Why can they charge higher prices now?

8. How have they changed the annexe?

9. What are their plans for further improvements?

10.How long have they had a new chef?

11.What has he done for their restaurant?

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