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Rotating equipment

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  1. Article 260. Customs Requirements to Facilities, Equipment

· Swivel – large handle that holds the weight of the drill string; allows the string to rotate and makes a pressure- tight seal on the hole;

· Kelly – four\six-sided pipe that transfer rotary motion to the turntable and drill string;

· Turntable (rotary table) – drives the rotating motion using power from electric motors;

· Drill string – consists of drill pipe (connected sections of about 30ft\10m) and drill collars (large diameter, heavier pipe that fits around the drill pipe and places weight on the drill bit);

· Drill bit – end of the drill that actually cuts the rock;

4. Casing– large-diameter concrete pipe that lines the drill hole; prevents the hole from collapsing and allows drilling mud to circulate

5. Circulation system–pumps drilling mud (mixture of water, clay and weighting material and chemicals; used to lift rock cuttings from the drill bit to the surface) under pressure through the kelly, rotary table drill pipes and drill collars:

· Pump – sucks mud from the mud pits and pumps it to the drilling apparatus;

· Pipes and hoses – connects pump to drilling apparatus;

· Mud-return line – return mud from hole;

· Shale-shaker – shaker \sieve that separates rock cuttings from the mud;

· Shale slide – conveys cuttings to the reserve pit;

· Reserve pit – collects rock cuttings separated from the mud;

· Mud pits – where drilling mud is mixed and recycled;

· Mud-mixing hopper – where new mud is mixed and then sent to the mud pits


6. Derrick – support structure that holds the drilling apparatus: tall enough to allow new sections of drill pipe to be added to the drilling apparatus as drilling progresses

7. Blowout preventer – high-pressure valves (located under the land rig) that relieve pressure when necessary to prevent a blowout (uncontrolled gush of gas or oil to the surface, often associated with fire).

(Baker R. “A Primer of Oil Well Drilling”, 2001, Austin, Texas)

Fig. 2. Drilling rig components

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