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Childrens health and educational centre Salute.

  1. As mentioned above ASHA will arrange pick-ups/drop-off from Gloucester City to The ASHA Centre.
  2. British educational and foreign language policy
  3. Centre of Attention
  4. Eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives
  5. Exercise 5. Read the article about health effects of coffee to check your answers in Exercise 4.
  6. F) This is a small square famous for its neon signs, electronic billboards and it is also the centre of theatres and cinemas.
  7. Feline Health Nutrition Wet
  8. Health as One of the Criteria of Air Traffic Controller Professional Selection

An entertaining program of discos for the 2nd (international) term in the

Childrens health and educational centre Salute.

Deejays: Belezekin Richard, Alexander Nazarov.

The day The topic of the party Genres of music Dress-code
Day 1 The evening of acquaintances Popular international club and dance songs. Free
Day 2 (An official start of the 2-nd term) Miami Party Popular dance hits and songs according to the wishes of children. Beach clothing: slippers, sandals, shorts, T-shirts, sunglasses.
Day 3   Russia today and yesterday! Popular songs of different periods in Russian history (national songs, remixes, etc.) For Russians: funny features of national dressing. For guests: some features of national dressing (voluntarily).
Day 4 Party in pyjamas Popular dance tracks, trance and soul music. Pyjamas, nighties, goggles for sleeping and so on.
Day 5 Party featured by the 3-rd unit (Music of the guests country) -Song list is created by deejays from the 3-rd unit- Dress-code is set by deejays of the 3-rd unit.
Day 6 Party featured by the 2-nd unit (Music of the guests country) -Song list is created by deejays from the 2-nd unit- Dress-code is set by deejays of the 2-nd unit.
Day 7 Party featured by the 1-st unit (Music of the guests country) -Song list is created by deejays from the 1-st unit- Dress-code is set by deejays of the 1-st unit.
Day 8   Hip-hop Party Original and remixed songs of popular foreign MCs, rappers and hip-hop bands. Hip-hop, rappers dressing: wide jeans, caps, sneakers.
Day 9   Rock Party Remixed and original rock songs of different years. Rockers clothing: band T-shirts, jackets, jeans, boots.
Day 10   Glamour Party Top-songs of international music charts. Glamorous dressing and hairstyle. Bright and fashionable colors.
Day 11 Party of subcultures Popular songs of different genres: punk rock, hip-hop, metal, pop, club, reggae. Dressing according to the style of chosen subculture.
Day 12 (The day of the boys contest) Superheroes Party Original and remixed soundtracks from films about superheroes, dance music. Superheroes costumes, masks, etc.
Day 13 (The day of the girls contest) Masquerade evening Remixed and original songs from retro films, waltzes and ballads. Masquerade dressing, evening dresses, masks. For boys: ties or bow-ties.
Day 14 RocknRoll Party Remixed and original songs of famous artists: Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Elvis Presley. Colorful Old School and RocknRoll clothing.
Day 15 Disco 80s Party Original and remixed dance hits of the 80s. The 80s style of dressing. Funny hairstyles and colorful clothes.
Day 16 Halloween Party Remixed and original soundtracks from thrillers and horror films, club and dance music. Halloween costumes: vampires, ghosts, zombies and so on.
Day 17 Upside-down Party Club and pop music. Funny remixes. Boys and girls change their places. Girls wear boys clothes and so on
Day 18 Freak Party Dubstep, hard bass, remixed punk rock and famous unusual artists. Funny hairstyle, unusual clothes, inside-out clothes, different shoes and so on.
Day 19 Baby Party Dance songs, famous kids songs, and pop music. Funny kids clothing: colorful T-shirts, caps, shoes and so on.
Day 20 (An official ending of the term) Hollywood Party! Club and dance hits. Favorite songs of the guests. Popular songs of the term. Parodies of Hollywood celebrities, bright and trendy clothes.
Day 21 Come together Party Track list is created according to the wishes of guests. Free


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