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Form nouns from the following verbs.

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reflect form interpret
explore produce calculate
determine require apply
record characterize describe
process influence correct

Match the words in the right column with their synonyms in the left one.

1. generate A. power
2. excite B. convey
3. protect from C. characteristics
4. estimate D. border
5. properties E. stimulate
6. sufficient F. create
7. boundary G. evaluate
8. energy H. satisfactory
9. transmit I. defend from

Match the words in A with the words in B to form collocations.

1. encounter A. exponentially
2. ray B. output
3. frequency C. gun
4. acquisition D. boundary
5. storage E. zone
6. transition F. incidence
7. structural G. medium
8. improve H. impact
9. air I. trap
10. positive J. project
11. vertical K. propagation

Choose the most suitable word or word-combination.

1. Spread correction/ travel time/ plotting is time required for a seismic wave to travel from the source to storage medium/ sonar/ receptor.

2. Conclusions on presence or absence of hydrocarbons are usually made on the basis of data from impedance/ terrain/ reflection profiles.

3. In reflection method the energy initially propagates/ outputs/ plots downward and at some point times/ encounters / transmits a boundary which reflects it back.

4. In choosing a mean/ transition zone/ source array for a particular storage medium/ acquisition project/impedance one must consider a lot of factors.

5. Seismic data sets/ frequency output/ terrain may help to measure depth of source rock which is needed for construction of highways and big buildings.

6. The eruption of mount St. Helen’s produced a great propagation/ impact/ echolocation on the surrounding environment.

7. The equation contains a number of timing/ variables/ media.

8. The natural gas production rates increased by spread correction/ by incidence/ exponentially as enhanced oil recovery techniques were applied.

9. Seismic waves have lower velocity in solid storage medium/ medium /source array.

10. Tuned air gun array/ transition zone/ frequency output is one of the primary environments for seismic exploration.

Make up sentences, add words if necessary.

1. use/ interpret/ to map/ seismic/ structural/ technology/ maps/ geophysicists/ to.

2. the/ hydrophones/ used/ to/ record/ reflected/ are/ waves/ energy/ geophones/ and.

3. storage/ explosive/ environmental concerns/ are/ issues/ non geophysical/ terrain/ explosive use/ and.

4. reduce/ unsuccessful wells/ seismic/ the/ may/ survey/ number/ of.

5. average/ for/ absolute depth/ we/ the/ velocity/ need/ to know/ determination.

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