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Read Text 11B and answer the following questions.

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1. What buildings is the word “Capitol” applied to?

2. What does the Capitol consist of?

3. What does the Capitol Buildings look down?

4. What tourist attractions are located in the Major monument area of Washington?

5. Where is the Washington Monument situated?

6. What is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial famous for?

7. What were the principles held by Thomas Jefferson based on?

8. Why is the Smithsonian Institute named after James Smithson?

9. Why is the Pentagon used as a symbolic reference for the armed forces high command?

10. What does Georgetown contain?

11. Why is a visit to Washington incomplete without an excursion to Mount Vernon?

12. Where is Mount Vernon located?


8. Explain the meaning of the following words and expressions and reproduce the context in which they are used.

A guardant, a temple, to apply, to adorn, relating to something, a long expanse, to stretch, beyond, a tourist attraction, a northern (southern) point, a broad thoroughfare, to undergo renovations, to be considered something (somebody), a legal holiday, to hold principles, private enterprise, local self-government, a capricious gift, to found an institution, the air of a bygone day, an estate.


Say whether you agree or disagree with these statements. Give your reasoning. Use the introductory phrases given in the previous Units.


1. The building of the Capitol assumed its name from the temple of Athens.

2. Construction of the Capitol started in 1893.

3. The Rotunda, a monumental hall, is decorated with some works of Roman art.

4. The eastern point of the Major monument area is the Jefferson Memorial.

5. Pennsylvania Avenue is nicknamed the “Processional Street of America”.

6. Maryland and Virginia can hardly be seen from the top of the Washington Monument.

7. Thomas Jefferson was the founder of the Republican Party.

8. The Smithsonian Institute is a higher educational institution.

9. The Pentagon shape is six-sided.

10. The oldest Catholic college is situated in Georgetown.


Put the following headings in a logical order according to the Text.

1. The tall structure located behind the White House.

2. The building containing the main offices of the US Department of Defense.

3. The seat of the US Congress.

4. A legal holiday in Alabama, Missouri and Virginia.

5. The area comprising federal government buildings and tourist attractions.

6. The place where George Washington is buried.

7. A large group of different museums and scientific institutions.

8. The route of the President’s inauguration procession.

9. The area known for its university.

10. The memorial to the third President of the United States of America.



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