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The streets of Washington

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The day after Nick arrived in Washington, Nick took a long walk through the city together with his friend Pete. Nick asked Pete several questions about the Washington street plan.


Nick: What does “N. W.” mean?

Pete: It means Northwest. The city’s divided into four parts: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast.

Nick: So this hotel is in Northwest. Is that right?

Pete: That’s right. Almost all of the hotels are in Northwest.

Nick: And the streets? Some have numbers, but others have letters.

Pete: Well, the northsouth streets have numbers. The eastwest streets have letters.

Nick: And what about the avenues?

Pete: They are named for the different states: New York, Pennsylvania, and so on.

Nick: But they don’t run from north to south or east to west.

Pete: No, they don’t. They run through the squares made by the streets.

Nick: I see. They run diagonally.


Memorize and reproduce Dialogue 2.


Fill in the missing remarks of the dialogue.


A.: … .

B.: The city of Washington is divided into four main areas: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast.

A.: … .

B.: Streets in the different areas may have the same name but are distinguished by the area designation.

A.: … .

B.: Streets running north and south are designated by number – as First, Second, etc.

A.: … .

B.: Those running east and west, generally, are designated by letters of the alphabet.

A.: … .

B.: Washington, like most large cities, has a traffic problem.

A.: … .

B.: Parking place, particularly in the downtown areas, is often hard to find.

A.: … .

B.: Many of the historical and other attractions are located in the downtown area and are easily accessible.

A.: … .

B.: Government buildings, art galleries and theatres are located in the downtown area.



Washington cabs


In many American cities taxi-cabs have meters which show how much a passenger has to pay. In Washington, however, the taxis do not have meters. The city is divided into zones, and the fare depends on the number of zones a passenger rides through. Yesterday Nick and Pete took a taxi to Georgetown. It was Nick’s first ride in a Washington taxi, and he noticed the absence of a meter.


Nick: This taxi has no meter.

Pete: No, in the District fares are taken by the zones.

Nick: What is the fare per zone?

Pete: Well, for the first zone it’s sixty cents. Even if you ride only for a half block.

Nick: I see. It is sixty cents just to get in.

Pete: Right. Then for each additional zone you pay thirty cents.

Nick: Let’s see, I get in the cab in zone one; I get out in zone two. How much is the fare?

Pete: Ninety cents – sixty cents for the first zone and thirty for the second.


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