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IV READING Текст №9 There is conflict over its abilities

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On the one hand, and for many a normal day, a particular brain may exhibit precious little intelligence. Its owner may eat what has been set before him, walk to a bus stop, reach work, perform the same repetitive task, return home, eat again and sleep. An animal could do the same. On the other hand, there is the musician Hans von Bülow traveling by train from Hamburg to Berlin, reading Stanford’s Irish Symphony, previously unknown to him, and then conducting it that evening without a score. Some musicians prefer reading a piece of music to hearing the work, claiming that the experience is without the blemishes of an actual performance. Wolfgang Mozart confided that a whole new composition would suddenly arise in his mind. At convenient moments he would translate this entire fabric of rhythm, melody, harmony, counterpoint and tone into the written symbols of a score. For those who have trouble with a telephone number or with a name to fit a face, it is even problematical contemplating the gap between us and them, the normal and the genius. The bizarre fact is that the brains of von Bülow and Mozart were inherited from a long line of hunter-gatherers. Why on earth, or even how on earth, did a brain system evolve that could remember symphonies when its Paleolithic requirements were assuredly less demanding?


IV READING Текст №10 John Peter Zenger

The First Amendment to the American Constitution declares freedom of the press to all men. Although this right was not officially adopted until 1791, the famous Zenger trial of 1735 laid the groundwork for insuring this precious freedom. John Peter Zenger emigrated as a teenager from Germany. In 1733 he began publishing the New York Weekly Journal. The following year, he was arrested for writing a story about the crown-appointed governor of New York. While he was imprisoned for nine months, Zenger’s wife dutifully published the newspaper every day, bravely telling the truth about the corrupt government officials sent by the king to govern the colonies.

Finally Zenger’s long –awaited trial took place. The hostile judge dismissed Zenger’s long local lawyers, making it necessary for his wife to seek out Andrew Hamilton, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer. Persuaded by Hamilton, the jury bravely returned a not-guilty verdict defying the judge’s orders for a conviction.

As a result of determination and bravely on the part of colonists, a lasting victory for freedom of the press was set by a young immigrant.


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