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B) pare a good phonetic reading of the dialogue.

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A: Nurse!

B: Nurse! I’m thirsty!

A: Nurse! My head hurts!

B: Nurse Sherman always wears such dirty shirts.

A: He never arrives at work early.

B: He and …er… Nurse Turner weren’t at work on Thursday, were they?

A: No, they weren’t.

B: Nurse Sherman is the worst nurse in the ward, isn’t he, Sir Herbert?

A: No, he isn’t, Colonel Burton. He’s the worst nurse in the world!


Unit 22 Sounds /eә/ /iә/


/eә/ /iә/
Air – chair, air. Are – care Ary – Mary Less common Ear – pear Exceptions: Ere– where, there Eir- their, heir Eer– beer Ere– here Ear– dear Less common: Ier– fierce Eir – weird Ea – idea, real


Listen, and practise the difference.

hair here, hear dare dear, deer
bear beer chair cheer
aIr ear Clare clear
fair, fare fear stare steer
rare rear spare spear
pear pIer rarely really

Listen to the words on the cassette. Write the words you hear.

Listen to the sentences on the cassette. For each one, write the word you hear.

1 They gave her three chairs/cheers.

2 The bear/beer was awful.

3 The pear/pier is rotten.

4 He is rarely/really unhappy.

5 The driver of that car is staring/steering at us.


Listen, and practise the conversation. Listen carefully to the intonation.

A: Excuse me, I'm looking for Miss O'Dare. Do you know where she is?

B: She's gone to Trafalgar Square.

A: Do you know where exactly?

B: To the Headquarters of the Dairy Council.

A: Why has she gone there?

B: She has got a dairy. It's called Mary'S Dairy.

A: I thought she was a hairdresser.

B: Oh you mean Clare O'Dare. She's upstairs. It's her sister Mary who's gone to Trafalgar Square.


Listen, and read out this letter.

LEARY BEER COMPANY 'Brewers of real beer for 70 years' 21 Clearwater Avenue,

Sere Regis

Mr A. J. Pierce.

Pierce's Detective Agency.

14 Steerforth Street,

Bere Regis


Dear Mr Pierce,

We have a serious problem here at Leary's. Berrels of beer keep disappearing from the cellar. I fear we have a thief here. It is clear to me that your experience would be valuable in solving these mysterious disappearances.


Yours sincerely,

P. G. Leary

Use information from the letter in 3a to complete the conversation below. Practise the conversation.

MR PIERCE: Pierce's Detective Agency. Can I help you?

MR LEARY: Good morning. My name is………………._

from the……………. Company. I fear we have a problem.

MR PIERCE: Oh dear. What appears to be happening?

MR LEARY: Barrels of ………..are ………………..from the cellar.

MR PIERCE: Has beer ever disappeared before?

MR LEARY: No. The Leary Beer Company has been brewing…………….. for……….., and no beer has ever …………….. .before this . It appears that we have a thief ………… . It is clear that we need someone with your ………………. to solve these ……………..


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