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1. Consult a dictionary and practise the pronunciation of the following words:


dewy, meadow, cartoon, Captain Kangaroo, episode, mass media, influential, environment, catalogue, brochure, credulous, sophisticated, deliberate, addictive, subtle, vicious, altruistic, stimulate, control, advertise, permissible, digest, identify, abbreviate, programme, persuasively, agency, intellect, design, available, intricate, isolate, giant, conglomerate, audio, contribute, charitable.


2. Practise the pronunciation of the following polysyllabic words paying attention to the principal and secondary stresses:


magazine, influential, psychologically, altruistic, motivation, consideration, entertainment, regularity, information, sophistication, appreciation, disapproval, individually, intertwining, governmental, philosophical, educational, intellectually.

3. Change the sentences below according to the models:


Model 1: The lady lacked tact and manners.

What the lady lacked was tact and manners.


1. He longed for the title of a champion. 2. The man didn’t care to go back to his wife. He was afraid she’d talk him to death. 3. The doctor should have tested him for suicidal tendencies.


Model 2: Some TV programmes are very popular. They are watched by a larger audience than others.

The most popular TV programmes are the ones that are watched by a larger audience.


1. Some crimes are most disgusting, they are crimes against children. 2. Old John cherished some of his memories most than others. Those were of his life in Florida. 3. Some people believe they haven’t been to the most beautiful places yet.


4. Translate the following sentences into English:


1. Чего ему действительно не хватало, так это чувство меры. 2. Что меня больше всего удивило в Джейн, так это её самообладание. 3. Ему просто не хватало знаний по истории этой страны. 4. Подростки часто считают, что наиболее интересные фильмы это те, которые им не разрешено смотреть. 5. Психологи полагают, что наиболее эффективны те замечания, которые вы делаете с глазу на глаз, не на людях. 6. Самыми трогательными сценами в фильме были те, в которых снимались дети. 7. Часто самыми ценными для нас подарками становятся те, которые подарили дорогие нам люди. 8. Я и понятия не имел, куда он метит. 9. Он и не подозревал, что ей нужно. 10. Она и не догадывалась, чем это всё кончилось.


5a) Consult a dictionary and make up a list of adjectives beginning with “ill, e.g. “ill-bred”. Give the Russian equivalents.

5b) Translate the following sentences into Russian:


l. He is ill-disposed towards the idea. 2. There is a lot of ill-feeling between the two families. 3. John was ill-humoured that day and could not conceal it. 4. Your accusation is ill-founded. 5. No wonder there is a vacancy, the job is ill-paid. 6. As the piano was ill-tuned the owner had to bring down the price. 7. She seemed ill- suited for the job of TV anchorperson. 8. She was ill-advised to buy that old house. 9. My mother-in-law left the house earlier than she had planned because she was ill-treated. 10. His attempt was ill-fated.


6. Paraphase the following sentences using the phrases and word combinations:


1. Who won the race? 2. This is the latest information on the situation. 3. Have you included the latest data into the computer data-base? 4. Linguistics includes a diverse range of subjects such as phonetics and stylistics. 5. His illness started after that awful accident he was involved in. 6. Teachers are always complaining that many of their pupils have no manners. 7. The suit didn’t fit — it was badly cut. 8. Once she’d started eating junk food she couldn’t stop. 9. Most children are unable to stop watching TV. 10. Modern cosmology believes the Universe to have appeared about fifteen billion years ago. 11. There are all kinds of opinion on the issue.


7. Translate the following sentences into English using the phrases and word combinations:


1. Когда мне нужно принять какое-либо решение, я всегда сначала думаю о семье, а потом уже о карьере. 2. Они используют самое современное оборудование и вычислительные машины. 3. Это учреждение включает в себя функции издательства и типографии. 4. Эта рукопись восходит к XIII веку. 5. Учителя Англии жалуются на то, что им мало платят и к ним плохо относятся. 6. К сожалению, вас неверно информировали. 7. Автор получил признание критиков и широкого круга читателей ещё при жизни. 8. Закон вступил в действие в 1976 году. 9. За последние десять лет вошли в употребление многие термины, связанные с компьютерами и новыми технологиями. 10. За исключением домашнего заточения у Вилсона не было способа препятствовать встречам своей жены и Тома Бьюкенена.


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By P. G. Aldrich | Study the essential vocabulary and translate the illustrative examples into Russian. | Read through the following phrasal verbs and translate the illustrative sentences into Russian. | Electronic Media (The Internet) | Read the following text on American and British print media and complete the gaps with the suitable words from the list below. | The Story So Far | Read the text on the current trends in TV broadcasting and do the tasks following it. | Mind Over Mass Media |

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