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Read the following text on American and British print media and complete the gaps with the suitable words from the list below.

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dailies local newsagent paper boy/girl national

tabloids headlines subscribe comic strips news stands

broadsheets editorials listings


Many British families buy a (1) ... or local newspaper every day. Some have it delivered to their home by a (2) …; others but it from a (3) … or a bookstall. National (4) … are published each morning except Sunday. Local daily papers are sometimes published in the morning but more often in the early evening.

The US has only one national newspaper – “USA Today”, while the rest are (5) … . A few newspapers from large cities, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, are read all over the country. The International Herald-Tribune is published outside the US and is read by Americans abroad. Many Americans (6) … to a newspaper which is delivered to their house. Papers can also be bought in bookshops and supermarkets, at (7) … in large cities and from vending machines in smaller cities. Many newspapers are now available on the Internet, which is useful for checking the (8) …, but most people prefer to read the printed version.

Britain has two kinds of national newspaper: the quality papers and the (9) … . The qualities, often called (10) … because they are printed on large papers, report national and international news and are serious in tone. They have (11) … which comment on important issues and reflect the political views of the paper’s editor. They also contain financial and sports news, features, obituaries, (12) … of television and radio programmes, theatre and cinema shows, a crossword, (13) …, advertisements and weather forecast.



freedom of the press weeklies gutter press right to privacy

cheque-book journalism unbiased advice column

human-interest supplements opinion page front page


The main quality dailies are The Times and The Daily Telegraph, which support the political right, The Guardian, which is on the political left, The Independent, andthe Financial Times. Sunday papers include the Sunday Times, The Observer and The Independent on Sunday. They have more pages than the dailies, (14) … on, for example, motoring and the arts, and a colour magazine.

The tabloids have a smaller page size and report news in less depth. They concentrate on (15) … stories, and often discuss the personal lives of famous people. They are often disapproved of and referred to as the (16) … . The most popular are The Sun, The Mirror, The Express and the Daily Mail.

There are about 1 500 local newspapers, many of which are (17) … . They contain news of local events and sport, carry advertisements for local businesses, and give details of houses, cars and other items for sale. Some are paid for by advertisements they contain and are delivered free to people’s homes. A few people do not like them and put up a notice on their door saying, ‘No free papers, thank you.’

A daily newspaper from a medium-sized US city has between 50 and 75 pages, divided into different sections. The most important stories, whether international, national or local, are printed on the (18) …, which usually has the beginnings of four or five articles, and colour photographs. The articles continue inside. The rest of the first section contains news stories, an (19) … with editorials, and letters to the editor, written by people who read the paper. Other sections include: local news, sports and features. The latter contains comics and also (20) …, the most famous being Dear Abby. There are advertisements throughout the paper.

America has many papers in languages other than English for people from various ethnic backgrounds.

In Britain, the newspaper industry, often called Fleet Street, has a major influence on public opinion and is a strong force in political life. The (21) … to publish whatever it wants, without the government interfering, is considered important. The tabloids often rely on (22) … in order to be the first to publish a human-interest story. Recently there has been concern about people’s (23) … and now a voluntary press code gives guidelines on, amongst other things, photographing celebrities.

In the US journalists try to be impartial and (24) … by reporting bare facts. However, financial pressures can work against this. Most of a paper’s profit comes from advertising, and if a company is offended by something the paper writes, it may decide not to advertise there again.



press agencies consumer gossip foreign correspondents

staff reporters journals publisher agony aunt

special-interest in-depth academic press barons


Newspapers get material from several sources: (25) … write about national or local news. Major newspapers also have their own (26) … throughout the world. Others get foreign news from (27) … or wire services, such as Associated Press or Reuters. The editor decides what stories to include each day but the (28) … or owner has control over general policy. Newspaper owners are very powerful and are sometimes called (29) …; the most famous in recent years have been Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch.

A lot of British and American magazines are of general interest and are often called (30) … magazines. They concentrate on subjects of interest to many people and in Britain include: Ideal Home, Garden News, BBC Good Food Magazine, Mother and Baby. Music, film and sports magazines cater for a wide range of tastes: British magazines comprise Rolling Stones, New Musical Express, Mixmag, while in America there are Empire, Neon, Sight and Sound, Total Sport, Top Gear and Regatta. (31) … magazines run stories about the rich and famous and range from the British upmarket Hello! to the US supermarket tabloid National Enquirer. Some magazines are mainly bought for their listings (such as Time Out) or for their advertisements of items for sale or wanted (such as Exchange&Mart). A substantial share of the market is taken up by women’s expensive high-quality fashion magazines – Vogue, Harper’s and Queens, Cosmopolitan. They may run numerous photos illustrating fashion trends, articles of make-up, food and fitness, film and book reviews, as well as (32) … column, which people consult about personal matters. Teen mags (such as Mizz, Seventeen, J17) have information and advice on wearing the right clothes, making friends and teen-targeted entertainment. Recently, more magazines have been produced specifically for men: for example, highly illustrative British mags Esquire, Arena and GQ similarly to American editions of Gentleman’s Quarterly, Loaded and Sky contain articles on cars, clothes, drinks, music and sport.

A few magazines have a more intellectual content: the current affairs magazines Time, The Economist, Private Eye, The Spectator. One also finds (33) … or technical information on almost any subject including body-building, photography, fishing, electronics, computing and the paranormal in (34) … magazines aimed at enthusiasts who do the activity. Professional (35) … are for people working in a particular profession or (36) … field and contain articles about research or professional practice.


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