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It is not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than 2000 existing in the world. Some people do this still at the industrial training centres, some follow the advice of their parents, and others can't decide even after leaving school.

I want to become a commodity expert. That is why I entered Minsk State Trade College. There are three departments in the college: Accountancy and Law, Technology of Cooking, and Commercial Activity. I chose the last one because the occupaton of a commodity ехреrt attracts me very much.

Now I’m a second-year student of Commercial Activity Department.

Students of this College are trained to be specialists for different branches of our economy. They study Commodity Research, Organisation of Trade, Trade Equipment, Economy of Trade and other special subjects.

After leaving the College I have wide opportunities in choosing a job. Graduating students of commercial activity faculty work as commodity experts, shop-assistants. In future they can improve their professional skills and become financial responsible persons, directors of shops, managers and their deputies.

I hope that I'll never regret my choice and get a well-paid and interesting job after graduating.




It is not easy to choose a profession. There are more than 2000 different professions in the world. But I have already made my choice.

I'm a student of Minsk State Trade College. There are many departments at our college: Accountancy, Commercial Activity, Law, and Technology of Cooking. I study at the Department of Accounting. I'm a second-year student.

The students of our college are trained to be specialists for different branches of our economy. I'm going to become an accountant.

People who are specialised in the field of accounting are known as accountants. If you want to set up your own business, an accountant is the best person to give you financial advice. To run your business well you must know what money you have received, how much money you have spent, and most important of all how you spent it. It is the legal requirement that proper financial records are kept and the basic principle is: to record every single transaction. One of the purposes is to ascertain whether you have made a profit or loss during a given period. The function of an accountant is to provide quantitative information that managers can use to make decisions.

To become a highly-specialised accountant you must be a diligent student. When graduating from the college we can work as governmental accountants at governmental agencies or bureaus. We also can work for private companies and individuals and provide accounting services such as auditing and tax computation.




Many factors have been influencing the formation of the Belarusian national character. These are natural and climatic conditions, Belarusian folklore and of course many historical events.

The Belarusian character has no somberness and tense readiness for unexpected dangers. The nature of Belarus does not know storms or any cataclysms in general. Therefore, the Belarusians are trustful and on the whole optimistic, they never expect a misfortune.

The Belarusians are accustomed to work hard, so as to produce something on their soil, that is why they are patient and hardworking. An "obstinate Belarusian" is a very precise definition. The environmental peculiarities require our universality. Diligence and universality are the qualities that have been and still are helping us to survive. Moreover, the Belarusians are undemanding and modest. To a certain degree they are accustomed to poverty. A Belarusian does not need very much any external demonstrations, he is more oriented at internal work.

The Belarusian music, songs and folklore may also say a lot about the national character. They are merry, but not too much, there is suffering about them, but no horrible Russian misery. The word "destiny" is often mentioned in our vocabulary, although the Belarusians can hardly be named fatalists. Due to his calm and reserve a Belarusian is more conservative and stable in his styles and ways of life. Sometimes he may seem indifferent to everything around him. But it is also to a certain degree. If there is violence used against him, he has no other choice than to reach for a weapon to defend himself. History proves it too well.




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