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Table 1. Services Trade Balance

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1. Exports                
2. Imports                
3. Services Trade balance                
4. Balance index                



Table 2. Growth rate, %

1. Exports              
2. Imports              




a) Balance of Payments (BOP) – a statistical report which contains summary data of all monetary transactions between the country and the rest of the world for the certain period of time.

b) Reserve Assets (International Reserves) are at disposal of central bank and used to balance the BOP. If the country earned less currency than spent, lack of income is compensated by the official reserve assets.

c) External Debt is the result of the disparities in the economic system (the state budget deficit, a deficit of payments and trade balance);

d) Foreign Investment – the values ​​that are invested by foreign investors into objects of investment activity with the purpose of obtaining profit or achieving social effect.


Gross External Debt and International Reserves in Ukraine in dynamics are given below.


Comment: During 2003-2007 both Gross External Debt and International Reserves shows ___________ (steady growth, steady falling). In 2013 the External Debt amounted to USD ________ billion (from USD ________ billion in 2003), making up USD________ per capita. As to International Reserves during 2010-2013 they were _______________ (increasing, decreasing) due to financing deficit of the Balance of Payment of Ukraine as well as loan repayment to IMF. As a result International Reserves were _______________ (raised, reduced) to USD_______ billion, So by the end of 2013 the Gross External Debt of Ukraine is ________ times as much as International Reserves.

National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine: Balance of Payments and External Debt in 2013

Direct Foreign Investment in Ukraine at the end of the 2013 (accumulated) and Direct Foreign Investment Balance are shown in the charts below.


Comment: As it follows from the data above at the end of 2013 accumulated investments in Ukraine’s economy amounted to USD ________ billion, having ______________ (increased, decreased) by ______% of the previous year. In 2012 the rate of increase 2012/2011 was equal to _____%. So the Direct Foreign Investment in Ukraine in 2013 got significant _____________ (slow down, speed up).

As to the Foreign Investment Balance a net inflow in 2013 totaled USD ______ billion. It means that Direct Foreign Investment in Ukraine was USD _______ billion _________ (more, less) than Direct Ukrainian Investment abroad. Net inflow of Foreign Investment _____________ (increased, decreased) by ______% compared to the previous year.




The Balance of Payments is an impotant indicator of international trade and investment performance of the country. In Ukraine the Balance of Payments is compiled by the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) in USD at the NBU exchange rate on the balance sheet date.

Balance of payments (BOP) – a statistical report which contains summary data of all monetary transactions between the country and the rest of the world for the certain period of time. So, the BOP summarizes the transactions involving goods and service as well as financial exchanges between individuals, businesses, and government agencies in that country and those in other countries.

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