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Read the text and answer the questions

Galini Hotel: whether you choose to spend your days in the pools, the sea or on the tennis courts, we have professional staff here to guide you on your endless escapades. The nights are as luxurious as the days with plenty of dancing, live music and livelier people. No need to worry.

Guests of all ages can choose between the 2 outdoor swimming pools (one seawater and one freshwater), the “relax pool”, the amazing water slides for children and adults alike and the beautiful pebble beach. Fresh fruit and water ice are available around the pools and on the beach, during high season. Beach towels are available with a deposit. Umbrellas & sun beds are available free of charge by the pools and on the beach.

Just for kids: VIP treatment for the little ones. The Norida Beach welcomes families with a dedicated kids & teens activities’ programme offering imaginative activities for kids of all ages (from 4 to 12 years old).Crafts, plays, and countless other activities guarantee that kids will enjoy their vacation as much as their parents. The children are supervised by trained staff in the mini club. Opening hours: 10h00 to 12h30 and 15h00 to 17h00.

Children facilities include: water slides which operate from 10h30 to 17h00. Two children pools, one seawater and one fresh water, a Kids restaurant, a daily Kids disco program

Sports and entertainment: Activities as plentiful as the sunshine

Norida Beach isn’t like the world you came from! There are no schedules, deadlines or obligations. Instead, you have the freedom to awaken when you like, do what you like and socialize with whom you like. And just in case you’re not sure what you like, we’ve got an endless menu of activities you’re free to try.

Free of charge facilities: 2 Tennis Courts (free use, floodlight & equipment) Bridge room, Billiards, table tennis, beach volley, basketball, water polo, darts, canoes, pedal boats, windsurfing (valid certificate required)

At an extra charge: water-sports centre with water-ski, jet ski, paragliding, rings, catamaran sailing, banana boat, etc. scuba diving and lessons, boat trips

A multilingual animation team provides an exciting entertainment programme throughout the day and night, with games, musicals, cabarets, sketches, shows, competitions, etc. Once a week, a Greek night is organised with live music and folklore dance!

A splendid open air theatre is located in the middle of the Mitsis World, between the 3 hotel complexes of Norida Beach Hotel, Family Village and Summer Palace. It can welcome up to 750 pax and is also equipped with its own bar. It operates from 20h00 to 24h00.

Theatre programme: from 20h30 to 21h30: kids’ discotheque, from 21h30 to 23h30: evening animation programme (Karaoke, Greek nights, shows, etc.) organized by our professional team of 25 staff members.

Guests staying at the Norida Beach also have the opportunity to use the facilities and all-inclusive programme of the Mitsis Ramira Beach, located in Kos Town, at no extra charge. All you have to do is show your “all-in” bracelet!

Dusit Thani Bangkok's facilities include a Business Centre, complete with secretarial services and computerized communications, a Fitness Centre with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, and Devarana Spa offering premium spa treatments in a relaxing atmosphere, a swimming pool set in landscaped, tropical gardens and a golf driving range with resident professional. There is also a shopping arcade.

Hotel facilities and services:complimentary broadband internet (in-room and wireless in public areas) to all in-house guests, babysitting services, barber and beauty salon, concierge conference and banqueting rooms, currency exchange, daily newspapers and magazines (both local and international), daily shuttle, in-house shopping arcade with jewellery shops, fashion apparels, tailor and drugstore, laundry and valet service, limousine and transportation service, tour counter, choice of 11 restaurants, bars and lounges, fitness centre outdoor, golf driving range, outdoor swimming pool, airport transfer.

Answer the following questions:

1. In your opinion, which are the most important hotel services and facilities in the following premises:

a. A hotel for business people and conference delegates?

b. A holiday hotel complex on the coast?

c. A small hotel in the countryside?

Explain your choice to your partner.

2. Which hotel is preferable

a. for business travelers,

b. for families, etc?

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