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Переведите на русский язык (перевод начинайте с выделенного предлога).

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1. Teaching is looked upon as one of the important profes­sions. 2. Labour is spoken of as the way to happiness. 3. Good books are always referred to. 4. The new book was much talked of. 5. New chemical substances were experimented upon.
6. Problems of distant cosmic flights are worked at. 7. Last experimental results were constantly referred to. 8. This matter will never be dealt with. 9. The doctor was sent for an hour ago. 10. The pictures of the great masters were given much attention to and highly spoken of. 11. These workers can be fully depended upon. 12. The books by Timiryazev are often referred to. 13. Chemical­ly pure water is never met with in everyday life.


Переведите отрывок, обращая внимание на сказуемое в Passive Voice.

This science-fiction writer is known to everybody in his country. His writings are widely known all over the world. His works were screened in very many countries. When his first sci-fi was screened, it was much spoken about. However, it was sharply criticized by very many people. For some time the film was looked upon as аn absolute failure. It was not understood by many people. The author was forgotten for some time. At that time he was little seen of. However, some years later he was remembered. His later works were taken notice of. He was written to by many producers. He was asked for a new sci-fi to screen. However, no answer was received. The man was sent for. Then almost all of his writings were published. Whenever he is seen in the street he is recognized and followed, as he is so interesting to talk to. You must agree that a man who is so much talked about is always attractive. This man can really be relied upon.



Прочитайте и переведите текст. Найдите подлежащее и сказуемое каждого предложения. Определите форму сказуемого. Найдите причастия.


Timber is one of the most important materials used in all branches of industry, manufacture and engineering. Iron is looked on as the most useful of metals. Wood is not a metal, but in its usefulness it may be placed on a level with iron, which it replaces in many cases. It serves so many purposes that it is possible to speak about all of them.

Most of the houses in which we live are partly built of timber: they all have wooden floors, wooden doors and wooden window frames. The floor space is divided into rooms by wooden partitions.

Various things made of wood are in everyday use. We sit at wooden tables, on wooden chairs. Our books are kept in book cases or on shelves made of wood. We use pencils for writing, matches for lighting a fire: we write on paper manufactured from wood or on wooden blackboards which are found in every classroom.

Artificial textiles are manufactured from cellulose, a sub­stance produced from the woody fiber of plants. Cellulose is much worked at and experimented upon in the laboratories of the research institutes. Many things composed of cellulose are used in diffe­rent branches of industry. Several medicines are obtained from different trees whose medicinal nature is widely known to modern chemists. In short, wood is found in endless variety of forms.

Timber was widely used for construction purposes and home needs in prehistoric times. We are told by archaeologists that things made of wood were used over 3,500 years ago. Timber was referred to as the best structural material by the Greeks and Romans, who applied it for construction purposes and whose engi­neering skill is often spoken about in special literature.

A scientific study of the properties and qualities of wood however was started only at the beginning of the 18th century. The first researches were devoted to the study of the strength of timber. They were followed by further research work. As a result of this research work, a considerable amount of data was collected giving an idea of the properties of different kinds of timber. Much attention was paid to the conditions of the growth of the tree, which helped to establish the connection between the mecha­nical properties and the structure of timber.

The scientific study of timber, started in the 18th century, is now fully developed. The manufacture of paper and artificial textiles, the production of synthetic rubber are the achievements of modern research work.

Timber grows in importance from day to day. New uses of tim­ber will be made popular in the nearest future. Boards will be made of ground-up wood; sawdust, mixed with mineral matter will be formed into a hard strong material applicable for many purposes.

in short - короче говоря

to pay attention - уделять внимание


16. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на выделенные глагольные формы. Укажите, какие элементы этих форм различаются и какие совпадают. Какое значение они придают действию?

1. The chemist is heating the liquid. The earth is heated by the sun. 2. She pressure of the air is measured with a mano­meter. The road builders are measuring length of the road. 3. Our industry is developing. This tree is fully developed.
4. Electricity is transmitted through a wire. This device is transmitting the electric current. 5. The workers are asking many questions. The workers are asked many questions. 6. The man was looking at. the new tools. The man was looked at. 7. The stu­dents were bringing the books. The students were brought the books. 8. This writer will be speaking about his work. This writer will be spoken about.


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