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Exercises. 1. Переведите предложения, принимая по внимание разные значения и функции глагола "to be"

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1. Переведите предложения, принимая по внимание разные значения и функции глагола "to be". Пользуйтесь словами -"есть", "нет", "представляет собой", "является", "находится", " состоит в том, чтобы", "это значит", "должен".

1. There are many power stations in our country. 2. They are built in many places. 3. The Krasnoyarsk station is near Krasnoyarsk. 4. It is the largest station in the our country. 5. Our plan is to build many new electric stations. 6. They will be built along big rivers. 7. To build new electric stations is to develop our industry. 8. It is very important for the process of our country. 9. There are no seas in our region. 10. This problem is to be solved by experiment.11. The new seas are to give water to the new canals. 12. New seas are made in order to have big reser­voirs of water for irrigation. 13. Venus is a planet. 14. When Venus is in the east, it shines in the early morning hours. 15. When Venus is in the west, it is seen in the evening.


2. Переведите следующие предложения и определите функцию глагола
"to be" в каждом из них.

1. The man was so deeply engaged in his work that he did not look up when he was addressed. 2. The ship was going up the river. 3. The train was approaching the station. 4. We were to start early in the morning, but as it was raining heavily, we decided to stay till evening. 5. What is evaporation? How is it done? 6. What information has been given on the weather-map today? 7. There is much snow on the top of high mountains even in summer. 8. What instruments are to be used during the next experiment? 9. Every worker was at his place. 10. Professor Novikov's experiments are of great importance. 11. I shall not be in Moscow next month. 12. I shall not be able to go to Moscow next month. 13. Chemistry is а science of great inte­rest and importance. 14. Some of the students were to meet the English delegates last week. 15. His greatest wish was to study literature.

3. Переведите предложения, определите значение глагола "to be .

1.New metro lines are being built in Moscow in different parts of the city.
2. The article will be translated at the lesson. 3. They were studying the subject when I joined them. 4. I am given English magazines every week. 5. They were to pre­pare all necessary information by Friday. 6. The document was looked for everywhere.
7. Ted doesn't like when he is asked about his work. 8. On Thursday the foreign students were being shown lecture halls and laboratories of the Moscow University. 9. The report will be followed by a discussion. 10. The tempera­ture in the Underground is maintained at 70°f. 11. A totally new safety system is being installed. 12. You will be able to get a grant if you pass all your exams well. 13. it was on April 26, 1755 that the opening of the Moscow University took place.


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