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Переведите предложения, определите время и залог сказуемого.

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1. The work on the apparatus is almost finished. The work on the apparatus is being finished. The staff of the laboratory is finishing the work on the apparatus, The plans are usually dis­cussed tat the beginning of the year. 2. They are discussing the plans of the next year. The plans of the next year are being discussed at the meeting 3. While he was having dinner, his car was being cleaned» (clean - чистить ) Do you no who was cleaning the car? Was your car cleaned well? 4. The problems were worked at. The groups of experts were working at the prob­lems. These problems are being worked at in numerous research institutes.


Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на времена и залог сказуемого.

1. She prepares her lessons in the evening every day.

She is preparing her lessons now.


2. She prepared her lessons well yesterday.

She was preparing her lessons when we came to see her.


3. She is tired, she will prepare her lessons tomorrow.

She will be preparing her lessons all the evening tomorrow.


4. The work is done well every day

The work is being done now and soon it will be finished.


5. The work was done two days ago.

The work was being done all the day yesterday.


6. The work will be done next week.


Прочитайте и переведите текст. Определите время и залог гла­гола-сказуемого.


"Big Ben" is the name of the huge clock in one of the tall towers of the Houses of parliament. The Houses of Parliament is the largest modern building in the richest Gothic style completed in 1857. It stands on the left bank of the River Thames and is 940 ft in length. Those who want to get a fine front view of the building should look at it from a boat on the Thames. The clock Tower, overlooking Westminster Bridge is 316 ft high and 40 ft square. When the house is sitting a light is shown from the Clock Tower by night. The clock is one of the finest timekeepers in the world and has a fine deep voice though it is cracked. The clock was named after Sir Benjamin Hill under whose direction the work was being cast. People are allowed to get inside the tower so that they may see the work of Big Ben. There is no lift and there are three hundred and forty steps up to Big Ben. The faces of the clock are very large. The mi­nute hands are 1.4 ft long, the hour hand 9 ft, the figures are 12 ft long, and the minute spaces are foot square. The Great Bell has four Little Веns round him. Big Ben speaks only once an hour but the other four tell the quarters and the half hours. At the side of Big Ben there lies a huge hammer.


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