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Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на видо-временную форму сказуемого.

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1. When he met me I was going to the Institute and had little time to talk to him. 2. "What's your little brother doing?" "He is still sleeping." 3. She was sitting there doing nothing. 4. Next Monday we'll only be working five hours. 5. The construc­tion of the road was being completed when the commission arrived.
6. Automation is being increasingly used in all the branches of our industry. 7. A new car was being looked at. 8. When I come home the family will be watching the TV programme. 9. A new hydro-electric station was being built when we came there to have practice. 10. What questions are being discussed now? 11. They are organizing this kind of work at their laboratory. 12. He was being told the news when I entered the room. 13. I can't understand whаt he is saying. 14. Who is being examined now? 15. I don't know what books he is reading. 16. Now every­thing is being done to make life in the Far North of our country easier. 17. The experiments were still being made in some labora­tories when the new term began. 18. Can you tell me, who is sit­ting next to you?

20. Замените сказуемое в форме Continuous Active на Continuous Passive (дополнение становится подлежащим предложения). Образец: The workers are building a new school. – A new school is being built.

1. The doctor is examining a sick child. 2. People are watching the flight of the sputnik. 3. The radio is transmitting a music programme. 4. The driver is washing the car. 5. The com­mission is discussing the plan. 6. Builders were completing a, new deep-level tunnel. 7 The commission was considering numerous questions. 8. A strange-looking man was following Mary all the way home. 9. They are using automation at hydro-electric stations. 10. They were building the hydro-electric station when 1 came here. 11. The professor was delivering the lecture when I approached the lecture hall.


21. Ответьте на вопросы, составив предложения с глаголом в форме
Continuous Active.

Образец: The liquid is being analysed. What is the chemist doing? - He is analysing
the liquid.

1. The building is being reconstructed .What is the archi­tect doing? 2. The registration forms are being registered. What is the secretary doing? 3. The sportsmen are being trained for the match.. What is the trainer-doing? 4. The problem is being studied by the scientists. What are the scientists doing? 5. The rocket is being prepared for the start. What is the scientists doing? 6. The science film is being produced. What is the film producer doing? 7. Sand and clay are being mixed. What is the mixer doing? B. The spaceman is being accompanied by his double. What is the spaceman's double doing? 9. New' iron ore deposits are being worked. What are the miners doing? 10. Vari ous laser-based instruments are being produced commercially. What are the plants doing?


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